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I’m Elicia, your personal Rodan + Fields consultant!
Who’s my target audience? ANYONE WITH SKIN!  ** Please enjoy a sampling of before/after photos in the pages that follow. All products, promotions, and consultant enrollment options can be found at www.4anewyou.myrandf.biz!

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Rodan + Fields is uniquely effective skincare by 2 of the most respected dermatologists! R+F is the #1 FASTEST growing skincare brand, #1 across multiple skincare categories including Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne in US, Canada, and Australia! Our skincare lines are multi-med therapies delivering the right formulation and right ingredients in the right order for dermatologist-inspired, clinically-proven results!

4 Primary Regimens for all genders & ages:
1) Redefine for anti-aging
2) Reverse for undoing sun damage
3) Soothe for sensitive skin*
4) Unblemish for acne-control*

Our products help reduce razor irritation/burn & ingrown hairs, hydrate with Active Hydration anti-aging serum, eye creams minimize dark circles, puffiness, and crowsfeet, Intensive Renewing Serum fights off wrinkles with near-prescription grade Vitamin A, AMP MD 2.0 needle roller stimulates collagen growth and boosts anti-aging results, and sunscreens add protection

Some products FDA-approved & eligible for Health Savings!
    *** 60-day “love-it-or-return-it” guarantee on all products —
it’s like a 60-day sample so you have enough time to see real results! ***
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