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  1. To share about my favorite life-changing skincare products for the best skin of your life! Take a
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  3. To share free resources for coping, improved mood/lifestyle, personal development, advocacy, outreach, etc. 

  4. To share a business opportunity that changed my life…one that can allow for time/financial freedom and personal development with a paycheck. 
    Me 2 years in with beautiful business partner

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    Why skincare?
    Ever wonder if there’s more to life? Wish you felt more comfortable or confident in your own skin? Have an open mind or quick to say no to unfamiliar or uncomfortable things? These are things I didn’t consciously think about until December, 2016 when first approached about my Rodan + Fields (R+F) business…but I do now!

Where would I be had I not found R+F? More wrinkled and spotty from sun damage, for sure…I’d also be living small in my comfort zone! I’ve since broken free of that zone…Nothing good happens there…

What’s different about my face?
Naturally longer, fuller, darker-looking eyelashes and way healthier skin. I humbly assert that I look healthier and younger today than when I started these products nearly 3 years ago.

Is skincare makeup? Is it just for ladies? Glad you asked!  No! See more under Men Click Here

Skincare’s for everyone! In fact, men are my best clients. The products are numbered (steps 1-4) so easy to follow. Apply products for 2-3 minutes morning and night consistently over time for incredible improvements in skin!

As far as make-uImage result for men skincarep, great skincare helps maintain healthy skin and reduces the need for make-up over time, restoring our skin to its healthiest state! It’s a way to reverse sun damage and years of neglect! Patience is a virtue though – it takes time to undo damage.

LIFE-CHANGING IMPACT An average of 20% of the proceeds I earn from product sales and business enrollments are dedicated to charity, and I’m proud to partner with a corporation who likewise dedicates millions/year to charitable partners!

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