What If…

Hi!  I’m Elicia! Thanks for checking out my page!

WHAT IF…you felt more confident in your skin everyday?
WHAT IF…you felt more in control of your life?
WHAT IF…you could impact the world one memorable moment at a time? 

Confidence comes in many shapes and sizes. Physical confidence may have to do with our skin, body shape, strength or physical abilities. Emotional and mental confidence have to do with our thoughts and feelings. Social confidence has to do with interactions with other people and situations. Self-confidence of any kind involves pushing one’s body or self beyond their average to take some sort of risk or consequence that might otherwise generate fear, anxiety, or discomfort. Leading with confidence is about doing it scared and trusting you’ll be okay. As such, it takes confidence to cultivate the change we want to see in the world. 

I created this site to introduce myself, share passion, and help empower others to cultivate greater self-confidence and believe in themselves! My hope is with your help and that of allies in our communities we might together achieve an overall mission of health and bringing out the best in one another.

Our attitude and choices create our reality. Will you join me in owning our power? Feel free to follow me Facebook and YouTube for videos, inspiration, and more, and check the Event Calendar for scheduled event!

So, who am I?

I am an Author
Check out my book, launched Nov. 7, 2019,  for tips on
connecting with people and creating memories anywhere in life!
Don’t Be A Stranger breaks down simple strategies for creating memorable moments anywhere you go whether for personal, professional, romantic, or passing encounters. The skills laid out in this book are so straight forward they’re easy to take for granted yet powerful in creating lasting impressions. Whether you’re at the coffee shop, a concert, a store, the airport or out of town, Don’t Be A Stranger reminds you of the influence you have in cultivating connections with strangers (who could be more!) anywhere you go!

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”Jennifer Dukes Lee   

Don’t  Be A Stranger:
Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life

Available for only $9.99 on Amazon in Paperback and EBook formats; also on iTunes and by request at your local bookstore!

I am a Clinical Psychologist
Board Certified in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology

May you and your loved ones find helpful resources  on personal development, stress-management, communication, healthy lifestyle, and more under

Still a Psychologist

I am an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields Skincare

Have you ever considered how intimately your skin is related to your confidence and thereby relationships? Self-esteem? Communication? I am proud to represent a company that has formulated safe and effective products for every skin type, age, gender, etc. 

What started with curiosity and a want for healthier skin and lashes has changed my life. From leading a team of caring, talented individuals to creating motivational videos, writing a book, dreaming bigger, and making friends around the world, I am a better overall human because of the chance I took as an entrepreneur with R+F! Will you take a quick quiz to see what products might fulfill your skin wants and wishes?

Take my free skin quiz
for personalized recommendations, educational videos, and discounts. 

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Me – 6 months into using anti-aging products and hydration
Independent Consultant, R+F

I’m an advocate for LIFE-CHANGING IMPACT
An average of 15% of proceeds from product sales and business enrollments in my Rodan + Fields business are returned to charities I support. Please see the Charity Sponsors page to see some of supporters I’ve partnered with.  Ask me how you can participate!

To donate a self-care basket for charity, please take a free skincare quiz to help identify items to include, then e-mail me at elician@gmail.com to finalize your contribution!
Follow me on Facebook or e-mail me at elician@gmail.com with questions or feedback! Together, let’s make the world a kinder place…one memorable moment at a time!

Huge thank you to VoyagePhoenix for the lovely write-up of my story…vulnerable but true!

I hope you leave this page with a gift you may not have had when you first entered it! Thank you for passing through my world. 


Please be aware, my professional certifications, licenses, degrees, and experience in Psychology have no connection to my consulting, marketing, or skincare business.  My professional certifications, licenses, degrees, and experience in Psychology afford me no special expertise in my consulting, marketing, or business activities as a skincare consultant. In providing consultation as a Rodan + Fields Consultant, I am in no way providing any sort of therapy, clinical, or psychological services.