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Ready to start your skincare journey? There are several ways to get order!  

  1. Place a one-time retail at the product website:
  2. I encourage all customers to enroll and order as Preferred Customers (PC)! There is a ONE-TIME enrollment fee of $19.95. This immediately saves you 10% off retail costs FOR LIFE so long as you don’t cancel your PC status AND FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $80! And NO, you are under NO obligation to re-order or order every two months. You will be signed up for a VOLUNTARY 2-month replenishment plan which sets you up to received replenishments bimonthly so you always have product to maintain your outstanding results, however, you can delay or cancel future shipments as often or as long as you’d like with no penalty!  Takes seconds to update shipments! Huge money-saver! Click here to enroll and order!
  3. Contact me using the field below! I’m happy to place your order for you and manage your account at no extra cost to you!  Easy-breezy! I’m happy to do it and take great pleasure in extending exceptional customer service!

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