Skincare/Anti-Aging Products

Want to feel like you’re aging backwards with me?  

I didn’t start out passionate about skincare! I became passionate about it when I realized what it could do for confidence and relationships…when I realized that caring for your skin could translate into caring for other often-neglected parts of our lives and health. Skincare is not about superficial beauty. It’s about respecting yourself enough to take care of you. It’s about restoring your skin to its healthiest state. It’s about spending 5 minutes a day looking yourself in the mirror affirming you’re worthy of the attention. It’s about making the aging process a bit more forgiving. It’s about confidence without makeup! And, the business is about believing you’re capable of whatever you put your mind do...especially when you don’t fit the mold.”

Rodan + Fields is #1 Skincare in N. America and has 4 primary multi-med therapies that deliver the right formulation of ingredients in the right order for clinically-proven results. My friend and Lexus-achieving business partner Amy above is an incredible testament to why I love these products! 

My personal testimony
In addition to lusciously long lashes that look nearly 3x longer and fuller now than they used to be without the cost and damage of extensions, I look younger now than I 3 years ago thanks to the incredible anti-aging skincare. I have fewer wrinkles, less sun damage, less puffiness around the eyes, and less scarring from teen acne.

Where would I be had I not found R+F? More wrinkled and spotty from sun damage, but I’d also be living small in my comfort zone…Nothing good happens there. I simply enrolled 3 years ago for a discount on products and a new challenge, and my life hasn’t been the same since. R+F has led me on a life-changing and enlightening journey as an entrepreneur in an incredible community of leaders where my only limits are self-imposed.  

Feel free to click on the line you’re interested in learning more about:

Redefine: Anti-aging (helps with wrinkles & firmness) 

Reverse: Reverses sun damage/discoloration/dark spots

Unblemish: Treats acne (new Spotless line for teens)

Soothe: Soothes sensitive or irritated skin

*Each line includes sunscreen to minimize further damage. Some products are FDA-approved & eligible for Health Savings. 

I represent many other products including a pore cleansing system, needle roller, and eye creams, but I’ll let you browse for yourself. My favorite product is Lash Boost, a wonderful serum for naturally longer-, fuller-, darker-looking eyelashes and eyebrows! While it is admittedly fun to have long luscious lashes, Lash Boost isn’t just for cosmetic effects. This product can make a meaningful difference for someone who’s lost their hair/eyelashes/eyebrows to medical treatments associated with hair loss, so please consider passing it on even if not for you…

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Start with a free skincare quiz, and join me in aging backwards. I recommend ordering as a Preferred Customer for 10% off retail prices and free shipping or enrolling as a consultant for even deeper discounts and a possible paycheck sharing products with loved ones!

Contact me at if I can help answer any questions or assist in placing an order! Consider gifting our products to loved ones to show your willingness to invest in their self-care!

Just a reminder, my professional certifications, licenses, degrees, and experience in Psychology afford me no special expertise in my consulting, marketing, or business activities as a skincare consultant. In providing consultation as a Rodan + Fields Cosultant, I am in no way providing any sort of therapy, clinical, or psychological services.

When we look good, we feel good; when we feel good, we do good!