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Want to age backwards with me? 

Whose skin (or life) might you change with a gift of skincare or a business?

Choose among 4 primary skincare lines for all ethnicities, skin types, genders, ages, etc. Our regimens are multi-med therapies that deliver the right formulation and right ingredients in the right order for dermatologist-inspired, clinically-proven results. We have lines for:  
     1) anti-aging (preserving skin health, reducing wrinkles, enhancing firmness),
     2) reversing sun damage/discoloration/dark spots,
     3) treating acne, and
     4) soothing sensitive or irritated skin

Whether you want wholesale prices, products paid for, or a paycheck with incredible self-development, life-changing opportunities lie ahead! 

Please see photo gallery for a sampling of some of my favorite results!

Each line includes a sunscreen to minimize recurring damage. Some products are FDA-approved & eligible for Health Savings!
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    Our products make for great gifts that let your loved ones know you not only love them but are willing to invest in their self-care! When we look good, we feel good; when we feel good, we do good! Skin health leads to confidence, and confidence leads to feelings of empowerment  and improved relationships!

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    My personal testimony
    Fabulous, naturally longer, fuller, darker-looking eyelashes, for starters!  I get asked all the time if my lashes are extensions…nope. Takes seconds to apply our serum at nights before bed (also works on eyebrows). Cheaper, safer, and healthier than extensions.

         Now, look under my eyes in the photo below. In the before photos on top, notice the puffiness, the wrinkles? You see these through caked-on make-up! See the deep wrinkles in my cheeks. Compare this to the 6-month after-photos below. Notice the health of my “after” skin? That glow is the Active Hydration glow, 200% hydration! The wrinkles are improved thanks to our anti-aging and sun damage lines, needle roller that stimulates collagen growth, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and allow products to penetrate deeper, eye cream for crows feet and puffiness, and hydration. I can’t wait to see how much healthier my skin will look in another 2 years on these products! 

    The earlier you start caring for your skin, the better!

      I'd love to offer you a free personalized skincare consultation if you'll take a few seconds to answer a few questions about what might be the best fit for you. You can find the quiz at https://4anewyou.myrandf.com/solution-tool.