About Me & My Team

Not many things in life start with lashes…

In my real world…
I’m a super busy clinical psychologist, licensed in 2009, board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology in 2014! I help people change the things they do, think, and say to enhance their lives and relationships! Full-time, I work in home-based primary care serving elderly veterans with chronic illness. I’ve specialized in behavioral weight management, anxiety management, and relationship counseling in my private practice. Annually, I lecture at Midwestern University Medical School on Behavioral Medicine and Interpersonal/Professional Communication.

Over the years, I’ve held multiple leadership positions and led multiple committees with the Arizona Psychological Association over the years. With that, I’ve changed and helped more people change more than I ever thought possible since becoming a Rodan + Fields Consultant. We call R+F personal development with a paycheck. I’ve created this website as an integrated space to share countless resources that I hope will help you and your loved ones, clients, friends, business partners, and others as a token of appreciation for the incredible support I have. I published my book Don’t Be A Stranger to share many of ways in which I’ve connected with some of my favorite people in the world over the years since starting my business and leaping out of my comfort zone. You know never who that next stranger might become to you!

Why skincare?
Ever wonder if there’s more to life? Do you have an open mind or are you quick to say no to unfamiliar or uncomfortable things? My Rodan + Fields business did NOT start with a passion for skincare, or quite frankly any knowledge of it. I was (and still am) very busy! I was lucky if I washed my face regularly. I had no background or interest in sales or skincare. What I didn’t know when approached in December 2016 was that something was missing…I didn’t know what until I took a leap of faith, believing enough in myself to figure it out as I went. I quickly realized fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of being uncomfortable, fear of being judged, fear of what I didn’t know. But, I live my life by facing my fears, so I did. I gave myself 6 months to fail, and that was 3 years ago! These products have changed my skin and this business has changed my confidence!

My business allows me to continue to do Psychology differently, to serve and empower others on a now global platform. My paychecks and ability to reach people are no longer dependent on the billable hour and sitting in a therapy seat! Not to mention, I’m just an all-around happier and better human, friend, daughter, partner, and educator!!

My first 2 orders rolled in while lying at the resort pool in the Caribbean. My trip became a partial tax write-off, I had extra motivation to talk to strangers, and quite literally my skin and my life changed!

Think skincare’s not for you?   So did these amazing people who have since become among the top leaders of our Rodan + Fields Team Empower Skincare family!  This is only a handful of folks on our team. They don’t look, talk, or act anything alike. They don’t fit a mold; the don’t look a part. They’re not all extroverted or interested in the least in sales. The don’t have tons of free time, and they don’t necessarily even care about the money.

What they do have in common? They care about people, they love discounts on their life- and skin-changing products, they love sharing products that change peoples’ skin and confidence…the appreciate passive income and not feeling tied to the billable hour, and they’ve begun dreaming differently as a result of joining this business!

Each team member listed below was willing to take a chance on themselves. ARE YOU?

Want to dream bigger with us? Message me to see if it may be a great fit for you too — maybe you want a community? Personal development? Just something different? This business is great for anyone with grit, a drive for excellence, and a heart for people. Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, busy, stay-at-home, have disabilities or constraints that keep you at home…whatever your situation, I want to see this business change lives and remind you of your power!

Cindy, International Logistics, Az
Brett, Civil Engineer of 20 Years, HA
Dr. Reza, Internal Medicine Specialist, AZ
Patricia (Retired Mother) & Chrissy, Nutrition Coach & Speaker – Our fabulous Mother Daughter team, AZ/VA
Renee, Incredible Wife, Mother, Supporter, & World Traveler, AZ
William, Owner of Pool Leak Specialists, FL

Rhonda, Student, Case Manager, AZ

Catie, Teacher & PhD, Student, AZ
Rose, Nurse & Dancer, AZ
Director, Arizona Chapter, National Safety Council, AZ

Bill, Educator, AZ

Marveasha, Banking/Finance, FL
Monique, IT & Insurance Sales, AZ