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I could not be more thrilled to announce the launch of my first book, published Nov. 7, 2019! 

Ready to meet your next friend? Banter with strangers is one of my favorite things in the world, yet scares so many people! My beloved late father had a zany dream that I publish a book one day, so here we are! I feel honored not only to be fulfilling my father’s wish but also to be sharing with others a passion and skill for making memorable connections with people in everyday in this book. Whether for fleeting moments in time or lifelong relationships, I hope this book helps you cultivate ways to bring out the best in others and make the most of every moment.

Don’t  Be A Stranger:
Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life

Do you avoid talking to strangers? Do you wish you were better at meeting people in everyday life? Don’t Be A Stranger breaks down simple strategies for creating memorable moments anywhere you go whether for personal, professional, romantic, or passing encounters. The skills laid out in this book are so straight forward they’re easy to take for granted yet powerful in creating lasting impressions. Whether you’re at the coffee shop, a concert, a store, the airport or out of town, Don’t Be A Stranger reminds you of the influence you have in cultivating connections with strangers (who could be more!) anywhere you go!


This book was written as a tribute to my beloved, late father Ali Nademin. My father was without question the most incredible man I’ve ever met. He was kind, gentle, tender-hearted, and a gentleman in all definitions of the word. My father inspired in me a passion for self-development and impacting lives by always teaching me to finish what I start and follow through on my heart’s desires. Well, in this case, my heart’s desire is to fulfill what was his…to have his daughter publish.

My primary wish in writing this is to preserve and honor the kindness and compassion my father taught me to have for strangers who carry invisible wounds. If I can inspire one more person to do the same for others, I will have left the world a slightly better place than I found it.

This one’s for you, Daddy.

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