Strangers No More!

P R I C E L E S S     M O M E N T S

The last few years have reminded me that when it’s our time to leave this body no one can stop it. We have one life to live. The material things we invest in are left behind only to be discarded. Memories are priceless to me, and the internet and access to travel have blessed me immeasurably in being able to make friends with strangers all around the world!! Thank you to so many friends who’ve joined me in capturing some of those favorite moments below! There are SO many more I wish I had! Life wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you all! Thank you for the memories!

Do you have a fun memory with me? I’d love if you’d email me at with a blurb of how we met and a photo of us!  I’d love to add it here and share our smiles! Let’s show the world what the magic of talking to strangers can bring!

So, why talk to strangers?
Take a look below, and see just a few examples of why! 😘

Brooke: “Random stranger connected us because of R+F and I’m SO THANKFUL.” – I’ll add, I went to Brooke’s house to meet her as a stranger — not recommended but wouldn’t take it back for the world!

Jimi James Wingate Susha Coffee plantation…that’s my story and I’m sticking with it and thankfully your a stranger no more✌🏾like you were before🙏🏾

Suzanne: Met at the Rodan + Fields booth at Pearls of Wisdom!

Taneda: “Cancun Dec 2018, you were so welcoming, honest , full of life and laughter. People would swear we’ve known each other forever but it’s been a Golden year!💕💕Thank you for your Forever Sister/Friend, warmth, love and kindness!!💕💕” From meeting on a day pass at a resort in the Carribbean to meeting in Florida months later to friends-for-life!

Gina: “Hay house conference. 2014. Instant friends 🥰”

Sonu: “Elicia Nademin and I met through a wonderful stroke of luck🍀I was at The Mission because I missed a concert, smiled at this gorgeous woman sitting next to me and she said “You have the best energy!” Such a lovely compliment followed by non- stop chatting and a wonderful friendship ever since❤️love you Elicia Nademin😘”

Jim: What can I say about this guy! “He has a heart of gold, reached out to me on Facebook to meet some amazing friends and met me for the first time when he came out to volunteer for FMSC. Our lives haven’t been the same since. He models the humility, grace, kindness, and generosity of time and spirit that most of the world strives to achieve!

And I’ve met SO many incredible people because I said yes to the zany idea of randomly becoming a skincare consultant when I met
the beautiful Melissa in a coffeeshop!!

Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children has been another blessing! So many amazing connections made there!!! So inspiring meeting people doing good!