Book Teasers for Creating Memorable Moments with Strangers

Book Teasers

So of course as with anything wonderful in life, I had even more ideas sparked for my book AFTER publishing, so lucky you! Below, I’ve included a few teasers to give you a taste of what you’ll find in my book to compliment what’s there! I’ll also offer tips and tricks from time to time that you might use in implementing the strategies and journaling your progress! Please feel free to download this worksheet I created for Tracking your Progress WS!

Please help me spread the word by asking your local bookstore to order the book and leaving me an Amazon review of your take-aways and successes you’re having by implementing the strategies outlined the book! So far I’ve gotten great support from Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale, iTunes has it available, and it can be found on Amazon at! Grateful for your support in getting it in more hands…

Chapter 4 on Being Ninja-esque:
You’re not expected to be good at it all or confident at all times! I’m certainly not! Weakness in one area can be compensated for in other areas depending on the weakness. For example, I can overcompensate for more casual dress by conveying my more bubbly, charismatic, or genuinely caring side and engaging others in playful or intellectual banter. It’s difficult, however, to compensate for flat or sad-looking facial expressions no matter how great your personality when you speak. Others will actually feel confused when you’re engaging in one moment then appear miserable around them the next — please stop saying that’s just my face. If you want people you care about to feel comfortable around you, help them. Be willing to adjust how you hold your face at rest. It takes little effort to habituate a smile or more open facial expressions. I learned, and so can you!
Chapter 6 on Bring the Light: 
Chapter 6 delineates RBF (Resting Bitch Face) – please note, I did not make this term up. It’s actually commonly known as a facial expression that unintentionally (or intentionally) appears displeased, unfriendly,  annoyed, bored, frustrated, angry, or another negative feeling, even when a person is simply feeling relaxed, neutral, or contemplative. Here’s an example of what RBF looks like — no judgement at all, let’s just teach you how to adjust it to welcome warmer and more positive connections around you!
Here’s a fun example of what it can look like and why you might want to consider retraining your face:
Chapter 7 on Tone of Voice:
Avoid signing outloud (or eye-rolling while we’re at it). It sends a negative message of annoyance or feeling displeased with whoever or whatever is around you whether you are or are not. Even if you, it’s not kind and reflects poorly on you.
Chapter 11 on Dressing for Success:
Dress for how you want to feel, not how you feel.
Chapter 13 on Complimenting:
Stop what you’re doing right now, and look around you. Who’s within arm’s reach? What is something you can sincerely compliment them on? What is something you like about them? Perhaps a color, a tie, an accessory…avoid items around suggestible body parts. Now, compliment them! Don’t worry about their response. Say it, then go back to what you were doing.

Chapter 16 on Power Language:
Language that leaves a more powerful first impression
“Please, allow me…”
“I’ve genuinely enjoyed meeting you, thank you.”

Chapter 18 on Follow -Up: For those who want to continue a relationship beyond a casual encounter or brief meeting
Make follow-up easy; do the work for them.
Don’t just send people to your website, ask for their number or e-mail and send them the direct hyperlink to the exact page or product they
expressed interest in. Follow-up a few hours or days later to let them know you enjoyed meeting them and offering to follow up further, if appropriate. Do what is within your control, don’t wait for others to do it for you. 

First Impressions by Phone:
First impressions definitely matter on the phone as well! I’ll never forget the day I was on the phone with the internet guy giggling for nearly 30 minutes before my dad asked me, “WHO are you talking to?!” I told him, the cable guy daddy! Then, I carried on giggling! Why NOT have fun with every person we encounter! I never forget that conversation, and I certainly never forgot my father’s chuckle and delight in the odd creature he had created in me! So, while phone etiquette wasn’t a chapter in the book, it should have been! Smile through the phone, I promise the person on the other end will be able to tell!

Together, let’s help make the world a nicer place
one memorable moment at a time!

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