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Meet Elicia Nademin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elicia Nademin.

Elicia, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Thank you, it’s been an interesting road! I’m a board certified psychologist in behavioral and cognitive psychology, and I work full-time as a home-based primary care psychologist for elderly veterans while maintaining a small part-time private practice. For years, I have lectured both as assistant and guest faculty on topics of professionalism, communication, behavioral medicine, and diversity to medical and psychology doctoral students. I’ve been nominated to serve on standard-setting and curriculum development boards for communication, interpersonal skills, and behavioral medicine for students of osteopathic medicine as well as for establishing national standards for behavioral medicine curriculum for Podiatry students. I’ve held multiple leadership roles in overseeing membership and diversity committees and initiatives of the Arizona Psychological Association, and I’ve long overseen diversity advocacy efforts in the hospital and community settings I serve. I’m currently the Arizona Early Career Psychologist Ambassador to the American Board of Professional Psychology, and I love volunteering my time as a way to give back for the opportunities I’ve been given. One of my most meaningful volunteer commitments was as a consultant on the Professional Advisory Board for NotMyKid, a nonprofit organization that provides children and families with lifesaving programs, support, resources, and education.

In addition to my work in mental health, I shine my entrepreneurial spirit as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields Skincare. As a business owner and psychologist, I most enjoy watching people dream differently as they grow in confidence and leadership skills. Skincare and psychology may not seem intuitively tied, yet each offers a unique way of helping others feel more confident from the inside and the out on local and global platforms. I’ve explored entrepreneurial strengths in unique and unexpected ways and most delight in watching people feel more in control of the aging process. More importantly, I’m energized by empowering others to lead, inspire, and impact lives through the teams they serve both in business and in life. In 2019 in fact, I published my book, Don’t Be A Stranger: Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life in hopes of sharing my passion and ease for spreading kindness. In that book, I break down skills for making moments and interactions with strangers easier and more fun whether to make the world a nicer place for oneself or others. If my skincare business has taught me anything, it’s that you never know who you might meet or how we might change one another’s lives along life’s journey! In my free time, I especially enjoy creating memories with my mother, friends, and dog Kaylie. Relationships are my most favorite part of life, and I most enjoy traveling and meeting strangers around the world! There’s no feeling more exhilarating to me than watching people share their gifts and talents, from break-dancing to karaoke-voyeuring to spoken word.

My favorite pastime is in volunteering time in support of charity events, where I delight in meeting others who share a passion for giving. In my respective professional roles, the common theme and most fulfillment come from helping others build confidence, relationship skills, and community. Personal and professional diversification has been life-changing, as my business inspires me daily to serve others on a global platform. If interested in learning more about me or accessing free tips and resources along your journey to self-development whether for personal or professional enrichment, please browse

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Not at all! Self-doubt and insecurity, wondering if I could really do it; fear of failure; fear of judgment; fear of others thinking I’d failed as a psychologist when I started a business totally outside of my comfort zone; fear of being an awful leader when my team wasn’t duplicating my effort and productivity; feelings of frustration when others projected their fears, prejudgments, assumptions, and stereotypes on me or my business; feeling out of control or resentful when I didn’t receive the type or frequency of support I wanted or thought I needed, conflicted by frustration with myself for realizing the need [and lesson] to provide it for myself…huge lessons in taking 100% responsibility for myself, my life, and my business. This has been both scary and empowering! At the end of the day, if I’m responsible for my struggles and losses, I’m also responsible for my successes! It’s the struggles that further developed my resilience and pride in what I’d overcome. I’ve never given up and don’t plan to! Quitting is not an option. It’s always about how to work smarter, not harder, and how to approach challenges differently if what I’ve tried consistently hasn’t been working.

Please tell us about your practice.
Being board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology means I help people change their patterns of thinking and behaving to help foster positive lifestyle changes. In effect, this means I help people feel more empowered, confident, and successful in relationships and life. I have mostly centered my work around younger and older adults and in three categories: anxiety disorders, behavioral weight management for weight loss, and matters specific to geriatric mental health and aging. My book compliments my work in reinforcing strategies for creating memorable moments in life with strangers in hopes of fostering greater success in personal, professional, romantic, and passing encounters. My hope with the book is to help others build personal and professional confidence, flirting or networking skills, job interview skills, or to simply have more fun in life! The book is also a reminder that connections aren’t always self-serving. It’s a reminder that sometimes our presence may serve a purpose in another person’s life, and that we can in brief moments make subtle changes that help to make the world a nicer place to live. More favorable first impressions can result in not only more memorable moments but also more personal and professional opportunities, enhanced quality of relationships, greater profitability, and a simply more joyful life.

As far as my role as a consultant in Rodan + Fields, my business has changed my life! The products have changed my skin to the point of feeling more confident in my skin with less and less make-up as I age, and the business and client management skills I’ve strengthened are unmatched. It’s truly a relationship business and personal development with a paycheck. My business has humbled me. I thought I was a good communicator before I started, but this business has deeply instilled far more effective skills. It has taught me to take less personally, and it has reinforced the importance of boundaries. My business has reminded me of where my influence begins and ends, it has taught different leadership styles for different personalities, and it has reminded me that I can’t do for others…that I can only do my best to inspire and lead by example in hopes that others will follow if they choose to do so. It reminds me to cheer lead and celebrate each person for wherever they are in their journey whether their goals align with mine or not. I am reminded daily that it’s not what’s in it for me but “what’s in it for them that counts most! I am forever humbled by the emphasis on other-mindedness and serving others through this vehicle.

What is your ultimate driving mission or purpose in life?
To leave people better than I found them. Eliciting a smile, brightening up someone’s day, inspiring someone to believe in themselves, pushing myself past my fears and personal boundaries. Thru my skincare business, I developed a slogan: “Do it scared, do it ugly, do it often.” There are many times “I don’t wanna,” but this mantra reminds me daily that it is by confronting our fears that we overcome them and reach new heights. The psychologist in me has taught for years that to overcome fears we must do them often enough and awkwardly enough until they feel familiar and smooth…that’s when I feel I’ve succeeded — when I look back and have a hard time remembering how small and awkwardly I was living before because I’ve grown into the person I wanted to be.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
What I wish I would have done differently is not having taken things so personally when my feelings got involved, mediating expectations to minimize disappointments. I lost many nights of sleep over wanting others’ approval and wishing for a judgment-free life. I lost much sleep ruminating over how to inspire my team differently and wondering what I was doing wrong or right…especially if someone was upset with me? Heavens, that was ruthless! In reality, I was ruthless…toward myself. I was unforgiving of my perceived inadequacies…so hard on myself. I gave great weight to the small number of people who seemed displeased with or judgmental of me or the business model (which was usually more a projection of their own inner worlds than anything about me). This came at the cost of not fully enjoying the countless supporters and cheerleaders in my corner, the incredible people who were excelling, who shared my vision, and who shared in the joy and community. I wish I had learned sooner how best to focus on my sphere of control, to inspire and please different personality styles without assuming responsibility for others’ success and self-doubts. I treated everyone the way I would have wanted to be treated rather than recognizing and confidently honoring early on how they wanted to be treated, which is far more important. Turns out Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages model absolutely applies to business relationships as well! Now and every day I simply commit, “I’ll do better!”


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