What’s your influence? How have you branded yourself? Professionally? Personally?

Have you stopped to ask yourself if the HOW you want to be remembered as is consistent with the HOW you present yourself? Are you intentional in your professional and personal platforms? Do you show up as who you want to attract? What example do you set? How do you allow people to learn about you? What do you share, how, and when? Sharing a few nuggets I’ve learned as a business owner with R+F – whether your business interests align with mine is less relevant as the fact that you have passion and drive to spread a message! I hope you enjoy this video I created on branding. Here are a few added concepts not covered in this video:

To effectively brand yourself:

  1. Decide who and how you want to be remembered as
  2. Tell people! Don’t expect them to just know or figure it out – if you sell marshmellows but never tell anyone you sell marshellows, no one will think of you as the marshmellow person. If you teach karate but never tell anyone you’re an instructor, few will think of you when ready to sign up for karate. If you think of yourself as kind, but find-fault with others and commonly voice complaitns and negativity, people won’t think of you as kind (or approachable, at that).
  3. Show up consistently, show up frequently as who and how you say you are.
  4. Identify 4-6 things you want to be known for and represent as such regularly. I want to be remembered for my intersts in a) Travel, b) volunteering/charity interests, c) friendship/family, d) inspiring thru laughter and motivational messages I share, e) kindness with my words, and f) my skincare business (products, lifestyle, and personal growth afforded thru business leadership). My social media pages regularly touch on each of these, and I post on nearly each of these every week. Even your beloved online followers will likely see only a small percentage of your posts so if you don’t post often enough about each brand you’re passionate about, you make it harder for people who don’t interact with you regularly and personally to know what you stand for.
  5. People are busy, people are distractible, make it easy! Be you, show up often, show up consistently – do this online, do this in person, do this everywhere. One’s character is seen in how they present when people are AND when they are not watching. Be congruent. Introduce yourself as the person you want to be remembered as. If you have a business, introduce yourself as you relate to your business. If you want to be remembered as kind, be kind, show grace, be nonjudgmental, speak positively, build others up, monitor your eye contact, show openness and warmth…learn more on HOW to do this by reading my book!

Have fun enjoying these tips on branding yourself professionally and personally! It starts with who, where, and how often you share and show who you are!

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Thanks for your support and encouragement! Together, let’s make the world a kinder place one memorable moment at a time!

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