Communication and Connectedness thru COVID-19

One of the most powerful things you can do to get thru difficult times is enhance feelings of connectedness! Your connectedness to one another and connectedness to yourself and your feelings are vital to resilience and overall well-being.

Here are a few great videos on using techniques from Nonviolent Communication for enhancing communication and connectedness with others and being more intentional in expressing your needs.

It’s incredible how much more powerful your requests can be when you start with the foundational need you’d like to have met and recognizing the difference between a need and a request. It’s also remarkable to recognize your personal power in communicating that need clearly and respectfully.

Find a list of NVC Needs:

Recognize and own, “I have a need for (fill in the blank with Needs Inventory word).” Consider asking, “Would you be willing to…” of the person you’re making a request to.

Basics of Nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg:

Recorded ZOOM Chat: Making Powerful Requests:

If you like these and want to see/learn more, you can find countless other others of NVC education on YouTube and fantastic live seminars and virtual discussions thru

In coping with the uncertainty and change around us, let’s also commit to accepting the reality of WHAT IS:

  • Be kind to – and gentle with – yourself
  • Re-evaluate goals for 2020 and think outside the box about how to get some of them accomplished in a new, possibly virtual way. What do you really want and how can you go after it despite restrictions AND when life returns to a new normal?
  • Start making an impact on something that is important to you today!

We can all do something to create an impact!

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