The What Ifs of how Skincare relates to Confidence and Relationships

I often get funny looks when people hear I’m an active Psychologist AND own a skincare business. Well, Most of you would intuitively imagine how important confidence is in his relationships right? With confidence, we tend to hold our heads up, we look people in the eyes, we speak more directly, we take more risks; quite frankly we tend to put ourselves out there more and feel better about our attractability and magnetism when we feel confident!
Have you ever considered though how intimately our feelings about our skin affect our confidence? Consider it now. How confident do you feel when you have an pimple on your face? Or worse yet, multiple pimples? Have you wondered how struggles with acne might affect one’s confidence in putting themselves out there? And for some with acne feel confident anyway! Unfortunately, that’s not the majority. What about when you look in the mirror and see discoloration and winkles from months or years of sun damage, aging, or simply a hardened life of self-neglect? These elements all tend to affect our sense of confidence and how we feel in approaching strangers or how we think strangers might respond to us.

Ever since I started taking care of my skin when I started my Rodan + Fields Skincare business in December 2016 I have surprised myself with how amazing it feels to apply less and less makeup as I age yet to feel better and better in my own skin. I have been surprised to experience the joy of looking in the mirror proudly in the morning as I realize I wouldn’t even mind walking out the door in the very skin I woke up with. I realize a greater sense of pride in the fact that I’ve made myself and self-care a priority for over 3 years ago. And I certainly don’t complain about the fact that I look younger now than I did 3 years ago. In fact, I chuckle when people say “well you don’t need these products cuz you already have great skin.” What they fail to realize is I have great skin now BECAUSE OF these products. How often do people judge you based on the outcome and fail to realize all the work it took to get there? My favorite part of my business is all the analogies it’s given me to be all-around better at life!

What if changing your skincare or face wash could result in enhanced confidence? What if feeling better in your skin translated into a greater sense of comfort in your relationships? What if…

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