The Power of Flirting in Dating AND Relationships/Marriage

Did you know flirting is NOT just for singles? Forever flirting with your partner will keep your relationship fresh! Flirting is defined online as “social behavior that suggests interest in a deeper relationship with the other person.” Flirting is also a way of infusing amusement in connecting with others and fostering more memorable moments. As a woman, I’ve made some of my best female friends by using the principles of flirting!

How comfortable are you with mingling and flirting? E-mail me at and ask to RSVP for this Friday’s online ZOOM event where we’ll share favorite memories of flirting gone right (and wrong) or  ask to be added to my mailing list for future events. Consider inviting someone you’d like to get to know better, and let us do some of the heavy lifting for you!

I’m the author of the book “Don’t Be A Stranger” (, and our discussion will be inspired by tips from my book on connecting more memorably with others.

A few suggestions I’ll offer in starting conversations favorably:

“You have the most wonderful energy.”
“Your smile really lights up a room!”
“That [color] looks great on you! — even better, “You make that [color] look great!”
“What do you think, banana nut or marbe loaf?” – I’ve got a great come back to take this one to the next level
“Do you have a favorite go-to off the menu?”
“May I ask the story of your tattoo?”
“You have the most radiant glow about you.”
“Your presence is captivating.”
“If I had to guess your perfect vacation, I’d guess…”
“If I were to make up a story…” be sure to make it complimentary

Remember not to make these sincere compliments awkward with a lingering stare 😛 Avoid sarcasm or potentially offensive or sexually suggestive comments. Focus on being playful, complimenting, and eliciting a laugh. People remember people who got them to laugh. 

Thank you for being a part of the change we want to see in the world one memorable moment at a time. 

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