Creative Date Ideas While Social Distancing

Do you miss dating and companionship since quarantine began? Are you wanting to respect social distancing, but also want to create fond memories and intimate moments with someone you’re interested in? Below are a few clever and memorable ideas for romance and dating while social distancing:

    1. Arrange for a picnic at a parking lot, grassy patch at a subdivision lake, or across two park benches. As silly as these sound, the idea is to come together and make the best of creating a memory in a strange time. It’s times like these when you GET TO experience a wonderfully different side of someone. Show them you can make the best of anything. Bring a blanket or two to help measure out six feet apart! Instead of poopooing and criticizing this concept, have fun with it! Bring a fun and delicious spread taking into account the items your “like or love interest” may enjoy (don’t forget silverware, napkins, and thermos/ice to and cups to keep beverages temperature-appropriate). Even appetizers or a cheese board would be special. Be sure to remember seasonings and condiments, if appropriate. Certainly incorporate items of romance you think your partner would appreciate (roses, a teddy bar, or a candle). Enjoy this memorable, unique way to create a memory!
    2. If you live together and have a pool in your backyard, consider moving a TV/large screen laptop into the yard poolside and create your own swim-thru theater with snacks and beverages to enjoy while you create this special type of memory – even better if you can splurge on a big screen or projector for the yard! Preferably do this at night to create a greater atmosphere of romance.
    3. If you’ve met one another before and know they’d feel comfortable having you on their property, perhaps consider taking a romantic dinner with candles/flowers over to them and offer to stay seated on the patio 6 feet apart. Be cute about it and bring your own windex (or windex-type substance), hand sanitizer, towels for cleaning, etc. Make it effortless for the person you’re courting to simply be able to relax and enjoy your company and pampering in another unique and memorable way!
    4. Arrange a ZOOM date to make for a memory that’s more unique and memorable than a simple phone call or text exchange. Physical chemistry is so critical – it’s importance to know how someone’s charisma and essence feels to you, their movements, their mannerisms, the way they articulate. ZOOM video dates not only give you a glimpse into these characteristics real-time but also give you an eye into their living environment in a relatively non-invasive way. A cute addition to a ZOOM video chat would be introducing one another to pets or perhaps a favorite corner or activity you enjoy in your home sanctuary.
    5. Another tip for those who live together, a dear friend of mine will be having a prom re-do at home! How great is that? Her partner is planning everything. They’ll both dress up, and her partner is planning dinner and the evening. All my friend will do is show up and co-create a lifelong memory with her love. How beautiful!
    6. Another great ideas especially if you’re not close enough to spend time at one another’s homes yet is to google “get to know you questions” for couples/dating/romance/marriage, etc. You each take turns asking the other a question to deepen your connection and relationship! Go through different lists from basic/light/neutral to racey, sexy, and fun to build intimacy over time! These are a great way to get to know one another without having to do the heavy lifting of thinking up creative, clever questions. This activity can be done by phone, video, or in-person!
    7. Another brilliant idea I was introduced to during quarantine would be to take someone through a virtual date, sending photos and messages of what you would be doing if able to see one another and able to accompany one another out. The photos could be of the roses you deliver, the clothing you might each be wearing, the restaurant you might visit, the after-dinner place you might enjoy…very sweet and thoughtful. It’s best advised that you know your partner’s interests and dating style to keep it light, playful, and non-intimidating, especially if a “real date” hasn’t yet happened. Don’t get too carried away! That said, this could set the stage for a truly beautiful relationship if you’re follow-thru thru the next stage of courtship is thoughtfully consistent! I’d definitely recommend the parking lot or park picnic if the virtual date goes well!
    8. Since you may not be able to travel right now, pretend you’ve traveled. Were you planning/wanting to go to Italy or the Caribbean? A dear friend of mine planned a romantic dinner in for her partner and played streaming videos of Italy on the TV in the background. She served foods they’d be eating if they were away and they dressed the part. Nothing like a fun lil role-play to kick up more romance!

Have fun creating beautiful memories! I’d love to hear any other ideas you might have for even more creative social distancing dates! E-mail them to me at and who knows me! Maybe there’ll be a follow-up blog!

Thanks for reading! Please enjoy tips on how to leave your dates with a positive and memorable impression in my book, Don’t Be A Stranger on Amazon. 

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