Work Engagement vs Workaholism

Great summary of work engagement vs workaholism from the self-care section of the VA Daily Dose

What is work engagement?

Work engagement is defined as being committed to your work in a healthy way. To maintain a healthy commitment, researcher Arnold Bakker explains that work needs to be the following:

1) Stimulating
2) Something you want to devote time and energy to
3) Meaningful and significant
4) Something you are able to bring your full attention to

Some people become overly engaged in their work, which can be unhealthy. Obsessing over work is sometimes called “workaholism.”

Workaholism can affect physical and emotional health. Physical health may be affected by sleep problems, exhaustion, weight gain, high blood pressure, and physical pain. Several ways emotional health is affected include depression, anxiety, decreased life satisfaction, decreased sense of purpose in life,  and low self-esteem.

For more information and a great handout on workaholism and how to treat it, read the full article here.


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