More on Self-Care & Managing Stress

Self-care—Could your life be more awesome?

Managing stress especially during crisis can be challenging. Hopefully you find some light in the following.

  1. Embrace stress – don’t avoid it! Although many see stress as negative, stress can actually be quite motivating and growth-producing. Ask yourself how you can grow from this experience. What are the teachable moments? What are you learning about yourself as you navigate through this? Focus on the good.
  2. Visualize a string instrument such as a guitar. If the tuning key is tightened too much, the string will snap; but if it is not tightened enough, the music drones. Stress is like that. Through the right balance of tension we can create beautiful music. Heck, maybe you might manage your stress by learning to play an instrument.
  3. Although there are certainly some things we cannot control, we can always control how we react to what happens to us. We have a choice to see this adversity as a challenge; to be better, kinder, more compassionate, empathetic, and connected by sharing this common human experience.
  4. Laughter can serve to lighten the stress load. Laughter activates feel-good hormones in the brain while reducing stress-related hormones, increases the number of antibody producing cells and enhances our immune response. Studies show that humor can improve pain, boost positive emotions, regulate stress and improve interpersonal communications. Here are some ways to add more humor into your day:
    1. Subscribe to funny YouTube channels
    2. Watch comedians online
    3. Share old funny stories
    4. Tell jokes, even dad jokes!
    5. Play games
    6. Laugh at yourself
    7. Create fun videos

Depending on how you experience this pandemic and the health and economic fallout from it, it is important to acknowledge that while it is true that there might be some things you will never get over, that does not mean you cannot get thru it, and life can still be beautiful on the other side.

Source: VA Daily Dose, Judith Belmont, MS, LPC, & How Humor Can Ease the Stress of COVID-19:

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