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I know I’m not alone in feeling such a heavy heart over the devastating circumstances that continue to emerge around us both around the COVID-19 pandemic and now racially-heightened tensions, looting, and rioting.

I know it’s been a frightening and heart-breaking time for many. My patients this week have felt moved to process their feelings around what is happening – there is sadness, fear, and confusion – there is a tender wish to be a part of a positive, healing change. It’s hard to know just what to say.

Many of the resources below were shared yesterday, and partners on our diversity listservs today added to those perspectives. Their words are respectful, compassionate, kind, vulnerable, and thought-provoking. I hope you find more below that might help you as you navigate feelings, discussions, and clinical application around matters of race/discrimination/diversity.

Many of the resources below address the cross racial provider/therapist relationship. The request on the listserv is that we remain careful not to inadvertently overlook/negate the experience of therapists/providers of colors and to examine inherent bias that exists in our respective fields, such as an assumption at times of homogeneity among providers. One thoughtful provider shared on how difficult it can feel at times to compose your words in a way most likely to promote productive dialogue, remaining respectful, and not interfere with treatment/relationships. I can certainly relate to this sentiment. One provider shared how as an ethnic minority provider, she has learned quite well how to ‘blend in,’ not make waves, and remain silent during times when she wishes she had the courage to speak. There can be much fear inherent in speaking your truth for fear of retaliation, consequence, invalidation, defense, or futility. Those who don’t are not weak. Those who do are courageous and likely tired.

This first article is one with advice for psychologists who encounter racism, ageism, and other forms of intolerance in the therapy room – adaptable in parts I’m sure for other providers as well:

I am proud to know that the American Psychological Association will be holding training and town hall discussions to bright discussions into the light.

Additional training opportunities for those who qualify include:

Training link:

Book: My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem

For Purchase : or via Amazon:

I hope you’ll join me in sharing these resources as we help one another have the difficult dialogues and look for the love and beauty that emerges thru the darker moments.

Thank you for being an ally.

The following were distributed thru diversity listservs I am a member of to help educate about racism and expand skills sets in knowing how to talk about it without escalating or inadvertently invalidating one another. What’s often missing is our willingness to listen without defending. I hope you’ll find something below that helps you along your exploration and in uniting with one another.



This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work. If you haven’t engaged in anti-racism work in the past, start now. Feel free to circulate this document on social media and with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Here is a shorter link:

To take immediate action to fight for Breonna Taylor, please visit

Resources for white parents to raise anti-racist children:

  • Books:
  • Podcasts:
  • Articles:
  • The Conscious Kid: follow them on Instagram and consider signing up for their Patreon

Articles to read:

Videos to watch:

Podcasts to subscribe to:

Books to read:

Films and TV series to watch:

  • 13th (Ava DuVernay) — Netflix
  • American Son (Kenny Leon) — Netflix
  • Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975 — Available to rent
  • Clemency (Chinonye Chukwu) — Available to rent
  • Dear White People (Justin Simien) — Netflix
  • Fruitvale Station (Ryan Coogler) — Available to rent
  • I Am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin doc) — Available to rent or on Kanopy
  • If Beale Street Could Talk (Barry Jenkins) — Hulu
  • Just Mercy (Destin Daniel Cretton) — Available to rent
  • King In The Wilderness  — HBO
  • See You Yesterday (Stefon Bristol) — Netflix
  • Selma (Ava DuVernay) — Available to rent
  • The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution — Available to rent
  • The Hate U Give (George Tillman Jr.) — Hulu with Cinemax
  • When They See Us (Ava DuVernay) — Netflix

Organizations to follow on social media:

More anti-racism resources to check out:

Document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020

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