Poem on Seeing Yourself As The Gift That You Are

A friend and colleague at work wrote this poem and kindly shared it with me. He graciously extended me the honor of sharing it with you.  Thank you Vincent Fricano, LCSW  for sharing your gift with us…

Just by being you,
You are a gift –

Not just to the people you love,
not even just to the people who know you –

You are a gift to anyone you show kindness to,
anyone you show your smile to,
or give any positive attention to –

It could be a total stranger you pass by,
could be for one fleeting moment in your life,
but you can make that moment count –

You can make someone’s day,
or maybe give someone a moment,
they will remember forever –

Just by being you,
the more positive –
the more loving,
side of you –
That gift of you
that you don’t always feel like opening up,
or feel like sharing,
especially on the bad days,
or the “meh” days –

You are a gift and you hold a special power,
that you can bring to the table everyday,
and in doing so make others realize,
that they are gifts too,
just by being who they are,
by making them feel special,
and showing them the way,
you can do all this everyday,
and all the time –

Just by being you,
the gift that is you.


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