Next Workshop Coming Up On How to Meet People, Especially Through Social Distancing / COVID

July 11 / 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Hi everyone! My next workshop on application of skills for meeting others and connecting more effectively will be held through ZOOM Saturday, July 11 2:30-5pm thru ZOOM. Please see details below and share to enrich the dialogue!

Hi friends! I’m excited for the July 11 workshop and deep drive on strategies for meeting new people from my book, Don’t Be a Stranger. Friends already in my network and guests of Nuggets of Wisdom are welcome to waive the cost of registration if you have the book. I want this to be a self-help book you read AND apply! Message me for registration promo code once you have the book and are ready to sign up!

This workshop is part 1 of a 3-part series on how to personalize strategies for deeper connection. We’ll focus on the “why’s” of our fears and a few “how-to’s” based on principles from the text. It’s the section that introverts may most appreciate! Please come prepared to share a favorite memory of a time when you connected with a stranger and how as well as what gets in your way at times. In Part I, we’ll cover “why’s” & “what if’s” of meeting strangers, First Impressions, Facial Expressions and Features that Enhance impression-management, strategies for being more memorable in positive ways, strategies for using strengths/positives to compensate for weaknesses, and we’ll learn a mantra for overcoming your fears through basic application of a psychological concept of systematic desensitization.

We connect with strangers anytime we pursue dating/relationships, job interviewing, work changes, promotions, networking, events, traveling, coffee shops, or simply in contributing to a kinder world one memorable moment at a time. Let’s make it more fun and easy to talk to strangers.

You can order the book through your preferred bookseller or on Amazon for $9.99: Please consider sharing the event with anyone else who might enjoy being a part of the dialogue! Your perspectives and contributions to the dialogue are priceless!

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