Mindfulness and Relaxation Resources

I wanted to pass on these wonderful resources shared thru the VA. While incredible resources for Veterans, these resources can also used by non-Veterans anytime. Whether you need to pause to take a deep breath or refocus your thoughts. Explore them in more detail and learn how you can begin a mindfulness practice today.

Mindfulness meditation recordings

These meditation audio recordings guide you through a variety of mindfulness exercises to help you manage stress and encourage relaxation.  

· Introduction www.prevention.va.gov/Recordings/Introduction_Kearney.mp3

· Long Breathing www.prevention.va.gov\Recordings\LongBreathing_Burnett.mp3

· Short Breathing www.prevention.va.gov\Recordings\ShortBreathing_McManus.mp3

· Loving Kindness Meditation www.prevention.va.gov\Recordings\LovingKindnessMeditation_Kearney.mp3

· Mindful Body Scan www.prevention.va.gov\Recordings\BodyScan_McManus.mp3


Explore these videos for even more ways to practice mindfulness and relaxation.
· Mindful Muscle Relaxation https://bcove.video/2rVG5Kq
· Loving Kindness Meditation https://bcove.video/34UDrTK
· Breathing Exercises https://bcove.video/2DS9yaA

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