TidBits on How Not to be a Stranger: Take-Aways from my book

A colleague told me today that he heard about my book Don’t Be a Stranger several states away! Hard to believe. I’m just a little one person int he world. He gifted me with his confidence and ordered the book on Amazon. He asked me what takeaways he might expect. I can only hope these ring true for those who’ve read it:
1) Be intentional in your words, actions, nonverbals, and where you position yourself in space
2) Be the kindness and warmth you want in the world
3) Be the person who creates an inviting aura around you; make it easier for others to approach you & to be approached by you
4) Focus on what YOU are doing/thinking, not him/her/they…
5) Detach from the outcome. Whether you ever see or talk to the person again or not is irrelevant. Simply, invest in creating memorable moments with others.
Check under Book Teasers and Tribute for more tips from chapters of my book.
Thank you for joining me in creating a kinder world, one memorable moment at a  time!
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