Is Your Phone Voice Inviting?

Is Your Phone Voice Inviting?

Have you ever considered what your phone voice tells people? Is it inviting of warmth and dialogue, or is it off-putting and likely to curtail conversation? Are people likely to want to call you again or end the call abruptly based on your tone of voice? Are they left feeling you’re happy to hear from them, or are they left feeling like they were one more call you didn’t want? Or worse, are they left wondering if you even like them at all as a person? A quick and easy way to know to self-assess would be to ask yourself whether there is a pattern to how people sound with you over the phone. Are many people often abrupt or short with you, do people often sound monotone when talking with you? Do they sound sad or low in tone? Certainly, this could be about them and their voices, OR it could be that they are reflecting back what they first hear from you. Laws of attraction purpose that we attract what we give off…

Try an experiment and see what happens! Chapter 7 of my book Don’t Be A Stranger addresses the impact of tone of voice in sparking conversations and memorable moments with people you’ve just met, and principles from this chapter apply to speaking on the phone! While someone may not be able to see you smiling through a phone, I can almost assure you they will hear you smiling! Tone of voice and inflection simply change when you are smiling, and your tone is generally softened in a pleasant, inviting way. Inflection is defined as changing the intonation, pitch, or loudness of the voice, and can be most impactful in greetings, especially attached to the last word spoken. It makes quite the difference if I say, “Good morning” in a monotone way, if I let my voice trail downwards when I say “morning” or if I say “morning” with a higher, almost sing-songy pitch. This may sound playful, and that would be ideal! Playfulness welcomes laughter, laughter foster connection and joy. When you present more consistently with a joyful tone and smile through a phone call, you’ll be amazed at how others’ responses to you will change! You might find that you’ll get more phone calls, so beware and be kind! Practice out loud in front of the mirror, with a close friend, or even with your stuffed animals. It may feel silly, but the outcome will be well worth it!

As always, thank you for joining me in creating a kinder world, one memorable moment at a time.

Feel free to check the Events Calendar on the Home Page to see details on monthly online events I host where you can practice some of your new skills in sparking connections. A favorite among everyone is Nuggets of Wisdom where we come together thru ZOOM and share quotes and words of wisdom. Sept. 26 10am will be my next workshop on applying principles of the book to sparking conversations, so register to join the conversation and share! Perhaps consider inviting someone you’d like to know more about!

Check out the section on Book Teasers for more tips on sparking connections that didn’t make it into my book!

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