Life Lessons from R+F: Why Have A Why?

One of my favorite things to share is “Life Lessons Learned from my Rodan + Fields business.” I never would have thought a business in the skincare industry would teach me so much about life and relationships, and I love to share. The following is drawn from our 2020 Convention:
Do you ever wonder why/how people choose to join you and stay with you on teams or in business?
#1 reason people stay with you in business: Their BELIEF in your company’s mission. YOU are a representative of that.
R+F’s mission: “To Do Good and Have the Best Skin of Your Life.”
People also stay because of you/your vision/your leadership. Your team connects with YOU; what are you showing them? What example are you setting? How do you present yourself on social media and in your personal and professional networks?
#1 reason why people leave opportunities?
*You’re not running like a business.
*Poor/absent communication.
*Lack of training (no scarcity of that in R+F). Do you seek it out?
*Lack of rewards/incentives
What is your “WHY?” and WHY/HOW do you believe your choices/business/passion project will you get there? That’s the most important part! You MUST believe in the vehicle you’ve chosen can and will get you to your dreams! When your why is big enough, you’ll find a HOW you believe in, and you’ll keep showing up on the harder days. It’s about believing in YOU above all else. I wasn’t passionate about skincare, and I wanted nothing to do with sales. What I did believe in was myself. I knew that I would care and excel as I chose to show up with integrity and a passion for sharing.


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