Happy Veteran’s Day Nuggets!

Happy Veterans Day dear friends!
I had no idea over a decade ago that my life’s work would be to serve veterans one day.  My job is not easy, the environment is taxing, appreciation and respect are lacking, but I still choose it everyday with my eyes wide open, lost sleep and all. I choose it because my admiration, care, and dedication to aging veterans is far superior to the frustrations of the system. I choose it in hopes of being part of the positive changes I want to see. I choose it alongside many other strong, caring, skilled providers who feel the way I do… who go that extra mile everyday even when their contributions seem to go unseen year after year. I choose it in honor of and in sincerest appreciation to those who have served.  Your courage, will, and passion inspire me daily. Your humility, trust, and vulnerability are gifts I will forever cherish. It is truly my honor to serve you in the more delicate years of life.  You are a reminder to me everyday that life is not always easy and that your will and commitment to the mission determine the outcome. You are my mission ❤
I look forward to honoring our veterans with a handful of dedicated quotes to those who’ve served at this afternoon’s Nuggets of Wisdom
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