Author Workshop on Creating Positive Connections

Many are still skeptical of the promise of making lasting connections online, but I assure you that is mindset! If you believe you will meet amazing people in online events and you’re willing to take initiative, you can and will make that happen!

Join us as we go over tips from my book, Don’t Be a Stranger, and how we can apply them to life (online or in-person!). Bring your stories of success, bring your questions, and bring an open mind as we connect with more amazing people!

A friend and author of the book “Listen, Your Life is Calling: The Journey Home” may join us, and together we’ll talk about tips for overcoming the barriers to building positive connections. Learn tips on how to increase your chances of connection, what may be getting in your way, and tips for overcoming and connecting!

Please RSVP in the Facebook event page or email me if not on Facebook ( to RSVP and for ZOOM link.

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