Ideas for Great Nights IN

Huge thanks to Steve and his Community Outreach team with AT&T. They’ve created a fabulous guide of family-friendly, cost-effective ideas for entertainment while safely spending time indoors. See more from their team here. I’ll be adding a post soon with my personal favorites of how I’ve made the most of my time at home during quarantine.

Put an end to quarantine boredom 

Let’s face it. Whether intentional or by mandate you’re stuck at home for a little while longer. After reorganizing your drawers, closets and work from home set up, you may be wondering what else there is to do. Here are some things you can do to spice up these next few months of social distancing.

The picture-perfect family night in 

Running out of things to do with your family? (Besides staring at the four walls of your living room awkwardly.) If so, there are still ways to reconnect. Plus, ways to enjoy the world, even from the comfort of your own home. Check out how we recommend hanging out as a family right now.

Enjoy family movie night.
AT&T TV launched at a pretty perfect time. It equips families with the tools they need for a memorable movie night together. Binge-watch Disney classics old and new like The Lion King or Moana. For adventure seekers, watch Rise of the Guardians or Hey Arnold! The Movie— through your HBO Max subscription with AT&T TV (free for one year). 

Put together a puzzle.
The bigger, the better. Puzzles are a great way to bond as a family, increase memory retention and have a great time. It’s also super satisfying when they’re finally put together.

Remember family game night?
Bring back the tradition of playing MonopolyUno or even learn how to play chess. Game night can be virtual too, bust out those PS4sXbox Ones and their controllers.

Go on a virtual museum tour.
Expose your family to works of art you may not get to see in person. Many museums are offering virtual tours of their exhibits. Visit the British Museum in the UK, check out the Musée d’ Orasy in France, then end the day at the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands.

Go on a virtual sightseeing tour.
Check out St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City,  The Great Wall of China in China or the Pyramids in Egypt. Why not do all three? Best of all there are no plane tickets involved during travel.

Tune into an animal live stream.
The whole family can enjoy animals in nature or at the zoo. Your fur babies will even enjoy these live streams too. We won’t blame you if you never turn it off.

Make a homemade pizza.
Tasty has a great tutorial for making an awesome pizza that rivals your favorite pizza place for sure. Don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself. Their chocolate chip cookie recipe is pretty clutch too.

Ace that first, second or third date— virtually  

Just because you can’t mingle in person doesn’t mean your social or love life has to suffer. Thanks to the power of the internet, apps and a bit of creativity you can still enjoy magical moments. Check out how.

Give virtual dating a whirl.
Try dating apps that offer virtual dates as a feature like or Bumble. Who knows? Maybe those first date jitters won’t be so bad behind a screen.

Take a virtual cooking class.
Take the class together then share your culinary creations over a FacetimeZoomSkypeWhatsapp call or more. Many top of the line chefs are sharing their expertise on all things food-related.

A romantic movie night.
Choose those extra long movies like Gone With the Wind or Titanic to watch during couples movie night. Pop the popcorn, bust out the cozy blanket and grab the tissues folks. If long movies aren’t your thing, binge watch some of your favorite shows on HBO MAX through an AT&T TV subscription.

Happy hours, get-togethers and parties virtualized  

Maybe you can’t go to brunch with the girls or host large dinner parties for your friends. But you can still stay in touch, and there are plenty of things to do virtually to keep you close together.

Start a virtual book club.
Reach for those extra long books you’ve been avoiding and read along with your friends. Use your book club to discuss what happened or your reactions to the text. Indulge your fantastical side with Lord of the Rings, or if you’re feeling a classic try War and Peace. 

Attend a virtual happy hour or brewing party.
Connect with others who just want to let loose behind a screen. Pick out some fun activities and turn it into a drinking game night with the pals.

Virtual karaoke.
Do we have to say anything else? The best part is each “singer” can use a different background to match the theme of their song. Thanks Zoom.

Throw a Netflix Party!
This newly launched extension from Chrome allows you and your friends to watch the same show or movie using the same link. So if one person pauses, it pauses for everyone else too. Use the chat room to share your reactions live. It’s movie night with your pals corona-style.

For when you’re alone 

Some people are stuck in tiny apartments or entire houses alone. Your four-legged friends may keep you company for so long, but these ideas are for when those extra special moments of boredom set in.

Up your personal hygiene.
Put on that facemask, file your nails or dye your hair or beard. Look good for those Zoom calls— your coworkers will thank you.

Learn a new skill.
You’ve got the time. Take advantage of online platforms like Khan AcademyCodecademyUdemySkillshare or There are even tutorials on YouTube to take advantage of. Learn how to braid, cook, do your makeup, draw, build models and so. much. more.

Make home improvements.
Take the time to fix those little broken things in your home. If you aren’t sure how to fix something Google and YouTube are great resources.

Rewatch your favorite TV shows.
You know, the ones you’ve seen more times than you can count? Looking at you, Friends. Seriously, not only is it fun to laugh at what you’ve already laughed at, but these shows are like a security blanket for the mind. They’re familiar, chicken soup for the soul as they say.

Stay connected using tech

Technology has the power to keep the world connected at a time when everyone needs to be physically separated. With tech by your side, you can explore places you’ve never dreamed of visiting, you can learn new skills and meet new people. You can also connect with the people you’re closest to in a whole new way. Instead of thinking of this time as forced solitary confinement, use this time to rediscover yourself and strengthen your relationships.

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