Pivoting During Covid: Gifts I’ve Given Myself

If you’re anything like me, the last few months of life in 2020 have been at best, confusing. At times I’m not sure how to feel. I want to stay positive, but is that insensitive? I want to be sad, but is that helpful? I feel lonely, but does that show lack of gratitude for my blessings, my health, and my gifts when so many are suffering and losing lives? I want to show empathy, but can I truly understand? Would it seem authentic? I want to be helpful, but will my efforts be received as sincere? I want to help…I want to offer connection, warmth, and kindness, not only to others but also to myself. I thought I’d share a few gifts I gave myself thru quarantine and social distancing, gifts I may not have made time for had life not stopped. I would give them all back if it would give precious lives back, but I know I can’t. That said, the pivots I’ve made helped keep my mind busy, keep spirits up, foster and maintain meaningful connections, maintain a sense of purpose and productivity, and remain positive and resilient…most days anyway. I remind myself and you that it is ok, normal, and human to have up and down moments and days. I hope these help stimulate ideas that may help others. You are always invited to join me in my virtual events, as Nuggets of Wisdom and book workshops have been my favorite way of connecting with amazing spirits thru pandemic. As always, physical distancing does not have to mean social distancing. I continue to send you all my warm wishes for safety, wellness, joy, and connection!


In middle school, I realized a talent in art. During a book workshop with alumni from my high school, I was reminded of this talent. I decided to play around and see if it was still there. I painted away for hours every weekend and some nights for over a month during COVID…sometimes while listening to music, sometimes listening to books on tape…each therapeutic. Here is the result of that playing:

Patients I’ve served have also found great value in mindful coloring as a way of handling and redirecting negative thoughts of difficult feelings. Feel free to enjoy a few examples of their work in my blog post on Mindful Coloring. It’s a wonderful way to manage stress, anxiety, pain, and unwanted cravings.

Air Fyer! Who knew!
Here’s an example of one great Air Fryer facebook group I’ve greatly enjoyed! They are amazing an offer so many great recipes, tips, and tricks! Helps give foods more of a fried texture and flavor without oil! It’s magnificent!

Virtual Cooking with Friends

There are so many online cooking classes now which look like a LOT of fun! YouTube also has great demonstrations you might enjoy. Have you thought of doing a live video on Facebook demonstrating a favorite meal you enjoying preparing? I have! That’s upcoming! In the meanwhile, my dear friend Paula and I delighted in preparing a Persian meal together through ZOOM. I provided the tips, she followed along, and we delighted in a fabulous meal!

Created Online Groups for Connection
Just prior to COVID I was looking into live speaker events to bring to life principles from my book on skills for connecting more memorable with others. Once COVID happened, I recognized an immediate need to pivot…not only to share about my book but also to feel like I was helping to create the good I wanted to see in the world. In addition to my book workshops, my R+F Team Empower and I inspired a wonderful monthly event called Nuggets of Wisdom that has become a beautiful virtual event for connection. Strangers, returning nuggets, and friends join and share quotes and words of wisdom they’ve found meaningful and how they’ve applied these in their lives. I hope you’ll consider joining us! All of my events can be found on my Facebook page and some are also posted on the calendar at the bottom of the homepage here.

Nuggets of Wisdom takes place second Wednesday of each month 4:45-6:00pm (Arizona time). All are welcome to join us. 

Creative Business Development
I created promotions and marketing tools for my business with ideas that I’d been putting off due to ‘busy-ness.’


Eye Cream & Fabulous Skincare Here

Don’t Be A Stranger!


Horse Back Riding
I accepted a friends’ invitation to spend time with her and her horses. What a gift…and such beautiful therapy!

Professional Development

Participated in virtual training for annual convention for my Rodan + Fields Skincare business with a dear team member and fellow consultant and my tiny little cuddly mentee. Honed my education and leadership skills, product knowledge, and excitement promoting my strenths as a consultant, team leader, and advocate for my clients and team members. So many continuing education trainings have also launched online in the mental health profession that I’ve taken advantage of. No limit on personal and proessional development!


Road Trip
I went on a road trip to enjoy nature and discover more sights in Arizona. I drove from Scottsdale to Bizbee, stopping for a tour at Kartchner Caverns on the way.  I enjoyed a walking ghost tour, mine tour, ostrich farm, and other socially distanced pleasures. I’ll be honest, kissing the goats was my favorite!

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Home Improvement and Renovations
I finally painted the interior of my house!!! I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS because I didn’t like the colors from the original seller. I always had an excuse: “I’m not home enough.” “It’s so nice as is. I’ll wait until it really needs new painting.” “I just don’t have time, I’m not home enough.” Problem solved, and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!” The colors are perfect, so therapeutic. Home has become my safe haven where I feel at peace and warm! I love staring at my walls now! I redid the colors, and my painting interests turned into a new joyful hobby playing in the garage! I have so enjoyed organizing the garage and redecorating to bring it all together! It’s like a brand new home!

Hosting Author Workshops to Foster Discussions on Skills for Connecting Memorably With Others
Don’t Be A Stranger

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