What am I passionate about in business? Not what you think…

A girlfriend was considering joining me in the R+F business the other day. She said, “you’re just so passionate about skincare!” I laugh because I don’t think I know anyone actually passionate about skincare. I didn’t know the first thing about skincare or products in 2016 when I started. I started my business as a challenge when I recognized a fear of failure. I gave myself SIX MONTHS TO FAIL. That gave me the best chance of sticking to a routine with new products since my face became my business card and integrity is important to me. That was 4 years ago. I DIDN’T FAIL.

What I’m passionate about is what safe and effective skincare products and believing in myself have done in my life and lives of those I care about. R+F products gave me confidence in my skin from the outside-in, and the business has developed my confidence from the inside-out! My business has reinforced that I can and will do whatever I believe in. It reminds me to make a choice as to my priorities every day when I wake up! It reminds me of the generosity and kindness of strangers. It reminds me to suspend judgment and assumptions and to show curiosity about other peoples’ needs/wants ahead of my own when it comes ot decisions for their lives.

I do R+F because I love educating people on ways to grow in confidence and take care of their skin. I do R+F because it’s provided me another channel through which I can serve others. I do R+F because it’s brought to my life a team of amazing people who care about others. I do R+F because it surrounds me with new friendships and laughs. I do R+F because it gives me passive income to enjoy while I enjoy my life. I do R+F because it can be run off my phone and a wifi connection anywhere in the world.

For years, I’ve been educating psychology clients on the importance of self-care. R+F is no different. I do R+F to teach, to help people who don’t know about skincare experiment with products that restore their skin to its healthiest state, giving them a newfound confidence IN THEIR OWN SKIN. In communication and relationships, we lead with our faces and eyes. R+F brings out the sexy, healthy, confident already inside of you! Nothing about that is silly or superficial. THAT is why I do R+F. It’s not about the money for me. I’m not a millionaire, and nothing about my business was overnight. I don’t live off my R+F paychecks. I give to charity with them. I travel with them and spread more love, laughter, and warmth everywhere I go. I do my best to make sure people feel seen around me. I volunteer more with the time R+F has given me back in my life. I live life very differently. I build my business traveling the world and meeting incredible new people. I’m proud to identify who I am and what I do. I cherish whatever comes of meetings as a blessing, whether in moments or for a lifetime.

Do you know people who’ve started an R+F business but don’t do it any longer? So do I. I’m not one of them. The business didn’t fail. The people stopped. Belief stopped. Personal accountability or discipline changed. Business will confront you with hard things. It takes time, grit, grace, patience, and perseverance especially on days when you don’t want it. Where do you place your faith? If your answer is not in yourself, you’ll get the same results anywhere you go. It’s not the vehicle that will get you there. It’s the driver, YOU! I succeed because I believe in myself more than anything else. What is success to you? For me it’s that I’m still here, I’m still traveling on my R+F paychecks, and I’m still doing good in the world. That’s success enough for me.

When was the last time you took a chance on yourself and tried something new that could change your life? When was the last time you stopped yourself due to fears of failure or wasted time? If the worst case scenario isn’t so bad, I dare you…Do It Now. #FaceYourFears and #DoItAnyways! Comment with what you’ll take a chance on!


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