Shower Habits That Can Damage Skin

Most of us would agree it feels amazing to step out of a shower feeling clean, but did you know that some of the things we do to cleanse our skin can actually harm our skin? Below are a few common shower habits that can damage skin:

*Using Very Hot Water: It’s tempting at times to turn the temperature up high and to want to create a steam-room, spa-like feel in our shower, but water that is excessively hot can actually remove your skin’s natural moisturizers. Lukewarm and shorter showers can help minimize this risk. Be sure to use your favorite moisturizer to replenish any loss to your skin’s natural moisturizers. Don’t have a favorite? I’m here to help! Check out my favorite body serum: Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Body Replenish – it’s moisturizing and hydrating! For some it even helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crepey skin, and cellulite -now that’s a win! Hand & Body Skincare | Rodan + Fields® ( Browse around for moisturizers specific to the face under the separate skincare lines that target wrinkles, sun damage/discoloration, acne, or sensitive skin. 

*Using a Loofah: While loofah’s seem so fluffy, friendly, and luxurious as popular exfoliating agents, they can actually be quite abrasive and damaging to your skin. Not only that, loofahs are known to be breeding grounds for bacteria and yeast. Instead, consider using a washcloth that is laundered after each use. For exfoliation, hands down I recommend my favorite R+F Microderm Abrasian Paste – it’s great for exfoliating away dead skin to welcome your skin’s natural glow, to allow products you use to seep deeper in, and it’s especially great for smoothening coarse skin along the feet and elbows. As an added bonus, it’s also great for refreshing the appearance of tattoos!
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Incidentally, some go an extra preventative step in warding off yeast infections by taking probiotic or goldenseal supplements. Probiotic supplements boost your overall immune system and gut health, while goldenseal is another natural remedy that can help prevent yeast infections.

*Skipping the moisturizing: Even if all of the above conditions are controlled for, you avoid steamy showers and use gentle exfoliants, some of your skin’s natural moisturizers are skill likely to be washed away when you shower/bathe. It’s important to moisturize immediately after you shower to help prevent dry and flaky skin. Enjoy my free skincare quiz to get an idea of which products and promotions you might love to restore your skin to its healthiest state or to keep it there!

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