How to Recover Your Sense of Smell

Have you or a loved one lost the sense of smell, either due to COVID or other condition?
Smell training may be worth a try!

In short, smell training is akin to physical therapy for your nose: tedious and repetitive. Smell training involves sniffing several potent scents twice a day, sometimes for months, to stimulate and restore the olfactory system — or at a minimum to help improve your current condition.

How might you select your scents?

Experts suggest starting with four scents you are highly familiar with, preferably that evoke strong memories. You will return to these fragrances regularly throughout the initial phase of smell training. You might choose from a favorite scented shampoo, lotion, spices from your pantry, cologne, or lemons from your backyard tree. Alternatively, as authors of the article linked here suggest, you might have greater success choosing from items that smell badly, such as spoiled mild or an extinguished candle. If neither of the above options sound appealing, you might simply purchase a smell kit including essential oils of classic scents such as rose, cloves, lemon, and eucalyptus. These kits usually cost under $50.

There are many articles explaining smell training, here’s just one:
Covid Stole Your Sense of Smell? Try Physical Therapy for Your Nose. – The New York Times (

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