Flirting With Flavor: Tips for Flirting!

Ever stop to define flirting? Flirting can at times get a bad rep, but truly flirting is simply about connecting intentionally, memorably, and playfully in a unique way, generally used to attract/exchange romantic interest. Whether you’re dating, seeking, or already in a relationship, flirting is an intentional expression of interest and can spice up a connection you may already have! If you’ve been to any of my workshops, you know that they center around a theme of intentionality. You attract what you create. Flirting involves “spoken or written communication and body language by one person to another either to suggest interest in a deeper relationship, or if done playfully, for amusement!” Own the moment! Watch the videos below for some how-tos on flirting.

If you’re a local to Arizona, join us for Flirting with Flavor May 22! I’m Elicia, your host for Flirting with Flavor and author of the book, Don’t Be A Stranger: Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life! This event will be a singles event where I’ll present tips and ice-breakers inspired by my book to help bring to life how easy it can be to flirt and connect! Games will be introduced along with French Dinner Courses + Wine Pairings. Register to join us:

Register for May 22 5-8pm singles event over dinner and a wine pairing here!

Get a headstart on how best to present yourself memorably by grabbing a copy of my book Don’t Be A Stranger in advance. You may order it from your favorite bookseller or on Amazon. Perhaps you may want to wear a certain color or accessory to ‘pop.’ Perhaps you’ll want to practice smiling in front of the mirror. Oh, and it’s not JUST about being memorable, but about being remembered favorably.

Matthew Hussey is one of my favorite dating coaches. He is world-renowned in the arena of dating focused largely on women, HOWEVER (which is a word I seldom use, but I do so here for effect), his tips are HIGHLY relevant for men too! Simply replace “he” with “she” or vice versa, as appropriate. When I work with male clients on dating/relationships, I suggest they read his books because so much of what he offers women applies to the psychology of men as well! Take a look below. I’ve noted which chapters of my book apply for each video! Have fun with the material! I can’t wait to connect with you at Flirting With Flavor in just a few weeks!

7 Subtle Signs of Flirting

Don’t Be a Stranger:  Chapter 5 on Eye Contact, Chapter 12 on Standing Out, Chapter 13 on Compliments, Chapter 6 on Smiling, Chapter 17 on Location, and Chapter 18 on Taking Initiative for the Connection

5 Irresistible Ways to Flirt

Don’t Be a Stranger:  Chapter 5 on Eye Contact, Chapter 6 on Smiling, Chapter 9 on Showing Curiosity, 12 on Standing Out, Chapter 13 on Compliments, Chapter 16 on the Power of Words

Download a FREE worksheet I drafted for tracking your progress as you read, and enjoy book teasers that didn’t make it into the book here:


Agenda for Flirting With Flavor:

5-5:30 Mingling over Q+App (that is, preset ice-breakers and appetizers)
The more you learn about guests over apps, the sillier you can get in the games that follow. Playfulness = memorable!

5:30-6:05 – Elicia’s Intro: Basics on Flirting

At 6:15, Chef Pascal will start presenting the set menu below with the wine pairings. Elicia will engage you in ice-breakers inspired by her book while you enjoy each course.

Course 1: Onion Soup Gratinee
Course 2: Sliced Chicken with Mushrooms in Puff Pastry
Course 3: Skirt Steak Au Poivre
Dessert: Tiramisu (Italian but deliciously done by a FrenchMan!)

We still have plenty of room for the May 22 event. Please consider sharing this post and invite others! The more men and women we have, the more fun will be had by all! And remember, what helps you might help someone else! We’re all in this together!

Bring your book if wanting it inscribed with my first impression of you!

Soon you’ll know what I mean when I say, “Be the firefly…”
“Be Bright. Be Brief. Be Gone.” – Susan RoAne

If interested in being added to my email list for other events I host including our Nuggets of Wisdom monthly online quote share thru ZOOM 2nd Wednesday of each month, please message me your request and email address and/or RSVP through my Facebook event calendar: See the FB event pages as another avenue for joining the welcoming party, connecting with others there in advance of and after the event! Connection is born in warmth and hospitality.

See you at Flirting With Flavor! And remember, Don’t Be A Stranger!

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