Sometimes Growth Looks Looks Failure: The Butterfly Analogy – Don’t Give Up

One of my favorite all-time quotes is:
I recently heard another that felt just as powerful.
Do you at times feel like you’re going backwards?
Do you at times feel stuck?
Do you at times feel like nothing you’re doing is making a big enough difference or for each step forward you get kicked several back? I sure do…
Grateful for people God has placed in my path who remind me tenderly of the process of growth.
Love this excerpt from the Realize write-up here:
…As the butterfly is breaking out of its cocoon it is strengthening its wings. If it were not for this struggle to come out of its protective envelope its wings would be too weak. It is this process of breaking free that then allows it to fly whether it is for a day or to cover thousands of miles.”
…”I want to live in alignment with my standards and my core values, which I need to discover and assess. Attaining and remaining at a high level of awareness and take the necessary actions to be highly functioning so that I can reach my goals and create the life I have designed is the work of pushing the edges of the cocoon apart….”
— thank you JoAnna Wayt! You always know just what I need…
And if you are fighting what feels like an impossible fight or pursuing what feels like an impossible dream, remember:
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