How To Capitalize On Your Talents To Earn An Income

With multiple competing personal and professional demands on our time, especially with so much having gone remote over recent years, it can be increasingly difficult to be away from home and personal responsibilities (family, ailing family members, etc) for up to12 hours each day. But, you have to sacrifice your financial stability to stay home, right? Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Today, more than ever, working from home can help you supplement your income and even replace your nine-to-five job. So, whether you want the flexibility to be at home when the kids are sick or simply want some pocket money to elevate your household budget, a good place to start is by evaluating your personality to find income-earning opportunities.

Kelli Brewer, an advocate for veterans and those interested in starting a business and open to financial creativity, wrote the following article on entrepreneurship. She reflected on how career options have changed among servicepersons over the years, citing that only 4.5 percent of those who’ve served since 9/11 have gone on to start their own business compared to 49.7 percent and 40 percent of service members who created businesses after WWII and the Korean War, respectively. Learn more about Kelli’s resources at /

Read on for creative ideas for capitalizing on your strengths. Kelli mentions a number of options tailored to different gifts you bring.

On The Creative Side

Do you have a creative personality? Are you willing to show up consistently for yourself, trusting yourself to be the vehicle for change and success? If so, there are plenty of opportunities to supplement your income without compromising what is most important at home. These include:


  • Logo design. If you’ve ever worked in graphic design, you can help small businesses and entrepreneurs in their branding efforts by designing logos. In this capacity, you will work as a freelancer and to set your own rates for your work. Other creative visual marketing services include laying out brochures or designing other materials, such as business cards and banners.


  • Jingle writer. A jingle is a catchy tune that helps consumers remember a product. Typically, jingles are one or two sentences, but they can be entire songs about a product or service. McDonald’s, “I’m Lovin’ It” and Huggies’ “I’m a Big Kid Now” are two great examples. When you have musical talents, jingle writing can bring up to $8,000 or more per published piece.


  • If you have spare space in your garage and an eye for imagery, becoming a freelance photographer is an excellent career. You can choose to shoot portraits, families, or even products. There is an investment involved here, and you will need a high-end DSLR or mirrorless camera, lighting, backstops, and other accessories. You can also choose to shoot in natural light, but you might have to leave home to meet clients.


An Analytical Thinker

Don’t worry. If you are more of an intellectual or are good with numbers, you have options here as well.


  • According to, a bookkeeper is responsible for managing general ledgers and creating accurate financial reports for their clients. The best part is that you do not have to have a degree to bring in a salary of around $40,000 each year. What you do need, however, are math skills, keen problem-solving abilities, an organized mindset, and an exceptional ability to mind the details.


  • App developer. In an age where people spend more time online than in brick-and-mortar shops, apps are more important than ever. An app developer creates a program for business owners that wish to capitalize on all of this online time. If you have experience programming, an entry-level iOS developer position, which you can often find as a remote worker, it’s worth around $68,000 per year.


  • Business analyst. CIO digital magazine explains that a business analyst is essentially a liaison between a company’s IT department and their executives. If you have experience in the technology field, being a business analyst consultant is a highly lucrative career, even as a part time entrepreneur. You’ll also need interpersonal skills and a deep knowledge of business structure.


When You’re A People Person

Creatives and number crunchers aren’t the only ones that can find opportunities working from home. When you have a knack for capturing people’s attention, a few jobs for you to consider are:


  • Product sales person. There are many ways to sell products and earn an income. One is through an Multilevel Marketing Structure (MLM), such as Rodan and Fields Skincare (R+F) in the massively growing global online skincare industry. Through reputable companies like R+F, you not only sell products, but also have the opportunity to recruit other sales representatives who you mentor as part of your team. You develop in leadership skills as you inspire others, and when they make a sale, you receive a commission. It’s easy to become a consultant for Rodan and Fields Skincare that allows you to work off a phone or laptop from anywhere with an internet connection. Learn more from my colleague and consultant Elicia Nademin on how she’s used her business to help others feel more confident and comfortable in their skin!


  • Customer service representative. We’ve already mentioned that more people are shopping online than ever, and this necessitates lots of customer service. As an online customer service representative, you will provide either telephone, chat, or email support. You’ll need an excellent headset, great typing skills, and the ability to quickly research problems and provide solutions on the spot. A good headset and strong internet connection are required.


  • One of the quickest and most seamless ways to earn money as a stay-at-home parent is to watch other people’s children. There are many benefits to this for you, as well as your babysitting clients. If you can find kids your own children’s ages, they will always have a playmate. Plus, you are already doing most of the things required to care for kids anyway, such as preparing daily lunches and making sure your home is a safe place.


Remote Working Tips

When you’ve never worked from home, you should know that it is not the same as working from a dedicated office. For the greatest success, keep in mind that you must have a well-equipped office space. Ideally, this is somewhat removed from the hub of your home as you will need peace and quiet to function during your working hours. When you have older children, make sure they understand when mommy or daddy is unavailable. But perhaps most importantly, be prepared for your personal and professional lives to intertwine. This is perhaps the greatest curse and blessing of working at home and is something that only experience can help you learn to balance.

Working parents often miss out on valuable family moments — but this doesn’t have to be the case. No matter your personality type, whether you are a creative, a tech-guru, or have a bubbly personality no one can resist, there are options for remote work. Start by evaluating your strengths, and know that, with time, working from home will come as naturally as raising your kids.

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