How To Choose A Hobby, Especially As An Adult!

I don’t know about you but as an adult I have struggled with choosing a hobby, yet I know how important it is to lose myself in something! I have actually felt embarrassed to admit: “I don’t think I have any hobbies? I guess I should have hobbies?” So, that said, I set out on an adventure to compile ideas on how to choose a fulfilling hobby! I scoured the internet and collated many ideas I found! Here are a few tips if you know the struggle! I’ve added a few tips I came across and journaled thoughts I had in thinking through them for myself in hopes this might help jog your creativity.

First, let’s define hobby:
Google says: “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” 

Ways To Explore New Hobbies!

BUSTLE created a great list that inspired several of these. Check out their article for more here.

1) Think back to what you lost yourself in as a kiddo – For me, it was art. Believe it or not, I also loved answering the questions at the beginning of each encyclopedia volume — didn’t there were questions? Now, you do…but that sounds like a dreadful hobby now!

2) What brings out your childlike spirit or giggle? I LOVE animals and the beach so every trip I take I find an animal excursion on the beach if there is one! I realize, not the most practical or financial fiscal but for the occasional trip, it is well worth the investment. I don’t remember the money spent, but the memories and photos I will cherish forever! Of course there are easier ways to do this from home, like taking photos with your pet pup or fish. What else brings out my giggle? Dueling piano bar raunchiness and comedy clubs.
3) What do you find mesmerizing? I can get absolutely lost in darkly lit establishments – the candlelight, dungeon-like ambiances and chandeliers make me feel like I’m in a movie. Favorites for finding this are Speakeasies or certain restaurants, but of course it’s tough to create hobbies around this. Perhaps you might decorate a room in your home as a crafts room that feels like a dimly lit therapeutic escape? After all, arts are a fantastic therapy! Hmm…ya…gears are turning.

4) Try different ideas on for size: Think of hobbies your friends have mentioned; if you’re not sure you’d care for them, perhaps try even just once or twice. You never know what you might end up loving, especially if you love the crowd or people the activity draws. So often it’s not what we’re doing but the people we do things with that create the energy.

5) Cycle back through past hobbies you may have forgotten about: I hadn’t quite forgotten about my passion for art and jewelry-making, BUT until the crazy COVID year I didn’t slow down long enough to surround myself with the materials and get back to it. During COVID I created a huge painting after years of not touching paints, I revisited mindful coloring, I created jewelry with beads I’d purchased over years….now, I have a crafts room! And based on #3 above, my creative juices are already reconsidering the décor! I remember knitting as a kiddo but the idea of revisiting that doesn’t excite me. Maybe one day, but not today.
6) What activity makes you forget who’s around you? I am SUCH a people person and often draw off of others’ energy (or feel depleted by it) – that said, when I find an activity or place I would enjoy even if there were no one to talk to, I know I’ve found something my heart loves! An example of this for me would be sinking into a cozy couch somewhere with an amazing view or fire beside me. I find fire, beautiful scenic views, and the sun’s rays on my skin to be mesmerizing. I also love laying out at a pool with fun loud music or a DJ. I could lose myself in places where I can close my eyes or read my books. It’s there that my soul feels fed! But here again I struggle…these aren’t hobbies — they’re pastimes…so I keep going…
7) What do you buy as a guilty pleasure? I love this one! For me, guilty pleasures are foods. I LOVE scouring my refrigerator to combine random ingredients in preparing sauces and soups. Well, look at that, I’d not considered cooking/meal prep a hobby but why not? I love going to cooking classes (combines an interest with people, both passions). I guess I do have a hobby! Cooking! I just don’t do it regularly enough to consider it a structured hobby so perhaps I should? I created Nuggets N Nibbles around a want to combine friendships, food, and fun with learning new recipes! I had already centered part of my life around this hobby and hadn’t been intentional around the thought process. What might you be doing that you’re not giving yourself credit for?
8) What’s something you enjoy that reminds of your children? I NEVER saw myself as a gardener yet always admire those who have a green thumb! My father was incredible at everything he touched, and growing roses and vegetables were one of his gifts. I never aspired to be a gardener like him but think of him anytime I see a red rose or a bright red tomato. Well, a friend recently gifted me two baby tomato plants he had started to grow. I named them Lily and Lucy. Since the day I saw them, I fell in love and felt moved to protect them and see if my father’s talent passed on…or simply to honor them in honor of him. Lily and Lucy are still thriving two months later, and I’m quite proud and excited. I wouldn’t consider planting a hobby BUT I sure do look forward to watering them and checking on their growth everyday! See photos of the little babies below.
9) What would you like to change about yourself? Personal/professional development goals are a GREAT way to inspire ideas aren’t hobby development! I never think of my Rodan + Fields Skincare business as a hobby because I take it seriously and work it like a business. HOWEVER, I do call it personal development with a paycheck, I do look to it as my fun and happy place. I DO get lost in it. I do feel inspired by it. I am structured around how I work it. It has changed and grown me in so many ways!  Every time I sit down to create marketing materials and posts for my business, I would consider that a hobby since I turn to it for pleasure and to get lost. Like the definition above says, my R+F world is an activity done regularly in my leisure time for pleasure. Go figure! I just happen to get paid for my hobbies! When I started R+F, I figured I’d use the extra money simply to travel and give more of myself to charity…looks like I developed a hobby along the way. 4.5 years later, I’m committed! I just wasn’t giving myself credit for it because it came with a paycheck! Well shucks, this post has been eye-opening…

Looks like I need to give myself a lot more credit! I had hobbies I just didn’t give myself credit for! Arts, jewelry-making, design, blogging, and building my business!

What’s the moral of my story integrating all of the elements above? I’ve already got fantastic hobbies. Perhaps what’s been missing is simply the freshness of doing them in new places to tie them in with my passion for discovering new places and ambiances, from changing the decor in my crafts room to working on my business activities from new restaurants, new coffeeshops, and exploring more places with spectacular views!
What are your passions and how are you going to further develop your hobbies?
The happier and more fulfilled you feel, the kinder our world will feel.
Join me in creating a kinder world one memorable moment at a time.
As promised, here is evidence of Lily and Lucy’s development:
May be an image of tree and outdoors
May be an image of tree and outdoors
May be an image of tree and outdoors
May be an image of tree and indoor
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