Hydration Vs Moisturizing – Skincare Tip For Healthy, More Supple Skin

To visibly transform dry skin into soft, smooth, radiant skin, you need two types of products in your arsenal: a hydrator and a moisturizer. They sound similar but perform distinct tasks. Hydrators draw water from the atmosphere and deliver it to the skin for added radiance, while moisturizers replenish the skin for less dryness and flakiness.

“Hydration” is the absorption of moisture from the air and then infusing your cells with water to improve your skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. “Moisturizing” is about trapping and locking in the moisture to build your skin’s natural protective barrier. If you have dry skin, your skin is generally lacking oil and needs moisturizing. If you have dehydrated skin, your skin lacks water and needs hydration. Hydration makes our skin feel soft, but it won’t stay soft if there is no oil to protect that hydration from escaping. If hydration escapes, skin ends up dry and flaky. However, putting oil on dehydrated skin may visibly smooth it, but it will still be lacking that soft, bouncy feeling that comes from hydration. Read more at the R+F Blog and message me to order our incredible moisturizers, Body Replenish hydrating body serum, and Active Hydration – most see visible results in photos in just 3 days of using our hydration! BTW, R+F Active Hydration Serum is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and non-acnegenic (won’t cause breakouts). It self-adjusts to what skin needs to help it reach its optimal moisture equilibrium.

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Blog: https://www.rodanandfields.com/blog/lifestyle/hydration-moisturization-why-your-skin-needs-both/



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