How Are Skin, Health, and Confidence Related?

How Are Skin, Health, and Confidence Related?

As I’ve shared more in depth under Invest in Your Skin, the health of our skin and self-care are so intimately tied to our confidence and how we communicate and relate to others. Our skin is one of the first things people notice about us as we lead with our faces, so it’s no wonder skin issues would impact confidence and relationships. While skin irritation, sun damage, and signs of aging can feel embarrassing or devastating, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve witnessed high quality skincare products change peoples’ skin but not with without consistent use over time.

Consistent use is about changing habits! That’s what we behavioral therapists do well! The principles of product effectiveness are no different than the principles of changing emotional and mental aspects of confidence. It takes years to develop bad habits and likewise years for skin issues like acne, wrinkles, and skin irritations to develop. It will take time and consistency with the dermatologist-created multi-med therapies (the right ingredients in the right order) for clinically-proven results to restore skin to its healthiest state. Nothing has reinforced this more than watching countless success stories (and a handful of non-success stories) since starting my Rodan + Fields Skincare Business. Those who show daily consistency with their products see incredible, unquestionable results OVER TIME. Those who don’t may not…and that doesn’t mean the products don’t work. It means the person didn’t apply the products correctly. We are often quick to blame external forces for our personal barriers in showing up for ourselves. Let’s do better!  Let’s invest in ourselves in the ways we’d want others to or in the ways we do for others.

Exercise, diet/nutrition, skin health, posture, swagger, and personal resolve…these are all factors that impact confidence. To improve physical confidence, you must take action. Perhaps get an accountability partner you trust or consult a therapist or other professional to help you meet goals. Work with a nutritionist or weight management specialist, get a trainer or join an exercise class/gym. Take a yoga class, get your nails done, stand taller, read my book for tips on attracting more conversations with strangers and practice interpersonal skills. Get comfortable in your skin!

Specific to Rodan and Fields, our Redefine and Reverse lines help reduce visible signs of aging and sun damage over time. Our acne products of course help treat acne, and our Soothe line helps target skin sensitivities, irritation, and redness. Our Radiant Defense gives you a smooth, silky, instantly finished look…masquerading as makeup but actually skincare, improving complexion over time. Our products are like medicine for your skin. The critical component to the effectiveness of our products is again consistent use over time 💪. That means, the most important ingredient in that process is YOU!

Men! Your skin matters too! Are you interested but perhaps self-conscious to go into the store or to ask for help with products? Take my quiz! No one has to know! I’ll email you once I get your quiz results and simply ask if you’d like more information. No pressure, no sales tactics. My favorite part of my business is educating others on what I’ve learned along the way! Did you know mens’ skin often shows results quickest due often to greater neglect over and sun exposure over time? Yup! Our products are numbered for ease and ship directly to your door! Each line comes with products: 1) cleanser, 2) toner, 3) moisturizers, 4) sunscreen, and I often recommend adding hydration or eye cream if wanting to further accentuate your results.

As you take care of your skin, don’t be surprised if you have greater motivation toward other types of self-care, such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health. As skin improves, my clients tend to wear less makeup over time and find greater pleasure and confidence looking themselves in the mirror. That is life-changing.

I highly recommend starting with a free skincare quiz for tailored product recommendations and promotions. I’d recommend ordering as a Preferred Customer for 10% off retail prices and FREE shipping or enrolling as a consultant for even deeper discounts and a possible paycheck sharing products with loved ones! Preferred Customers are under no obligation to re-order and can push future shipments out as long and as often as they wish.

Where would I be had I not found R+F? More wrinkled and spotty from sun damage, for sure. I’m aging more gracefully and looking younger with passing years, having gone from caked on makeup in my 30’s to almost zero makeup in my 40’s thanks to Rodan + Fields. But, I’d also be living small in my comfort zone… R+F has led me on a life-changing and enlightening journey as an entrepreneur in an incredible community of leaders where my only limits are self-imposed. I am humbled everyday for the opportunity to help people change both from the outside and in. There’s no feeling like hearing someone thank you for helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Skincare is not about superficial beauty. It’s about respecting yourself enough to take care of you. It’s about spending 5 minutes a day looking yourself in the mirror affirming you’re worthy of the attention. It’s about making the aging process a bit more forgiving. It’s about confidence without makeup! And, the business is about believing you’re capable of whatever you put your mind to… Anyone can be successful in this business if they believe in themselves.

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