Developing Self-Confidence in a Changing World: 4 Tips to Help You Grow Yours and Cultivate Success

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How might you develop confidence and success in a changing world?

A lack of self-confidence can be detrimental to your mental health and success. The American Psychological Association notes that it can negatively affect your academic performance and career through effects such as disengagement, risk-adverseness, motivation loss, and indecision. Low self-confidence may result in suffering anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. If you experience poor self-esteem, you are not alone. Research cited by Present-day nearly 85 percent of the nation’s population is similarly afflicted.

Imposter syndrome refers to a sensation that you are incompetent or a fraud, not actually performing professionally as you feel others expect of you. This might apply to schoolwork, professional duties, or other important identities. Luckily, even if you experience this confidence deficit, there are certain things you can do to give yourself and your confidence a boost toward achieving your goals. Lifestyle coach Elicia Nademin presents tips that can help you positively shape your confidence.


Dress For How You Want to Feel

How you look changes not only others’ impressions of you but your own overall mood. In a professional setting, knowing you appear neat, successful, and confident helps prompt the feeling that you are already successful and confident. Even the act of getting dressed up can have a positive effect on confidence and production. You don’t need an excuse or special occasion to wear a flowy dress or snazzy suit. Wear what makes you feel great. If you’re uniquely in the market for comfortable maternity and postpartum leggings, don’t fret! Sites like Kindred Bravely offer products that are classic and comfortable. Fix your hair or makeup or at least throw on some makeup or a tie in the style that you like and notice how differently people may respond to you. See Dr. Nademin’s book for more on dressing for success.


Take Care of Your Body

You feel better when you look better. When you exercise regularly and consume a healthy diet, you experience both a bodily change, in terms of losing weight and improving overall skin health, and an emotional boost through the release of “feel-good” chemicals in your brain. Speaking of skin health, have you ever considered how intimately your skin is related to confidence? After all, we lead with our face. Dr. Nademin also represents Rodan + Fields Skincare products that have transformed her skin and that of so many people she has helped, truly helping to develop confidence from the inside and the out.

Make time in your schedule to move around, whether that is taking a 30-minute walk a couple of times a week or signing up for a Zumba class. Incorporate more water, vegetables, fruits and whole grains into your meals and cut out processed foods and excess sugar. Substitute options like pita chips and hummus, fruit slices, nuts and raisins for chips and other unhealthy snacks when you get cravings.


Adopt a Positive Attitude

Your mind may tell you lies such as “You’re not good enough” or “Everyone hates you.” When it does, flip the script and state to yourself that these are falsehoods. You are good enough. You are not a failure or loser. Everyone does not hate you. You do know what you are doing. Fight pessimistic and self-derogatory thoughts with positive ones. List your good attributes to yourself. Combat the negativity by actively forcing yourself to think kindly about yourself. Find many free resources for reframing negative thoughts and developing emotional health here.


Proactively Take Control of Your Finances

The pandemic hit much of the population hard in terms of finances as well as mental health. If you sustained a financial blow, it may have badly wounded your self-esteem. Take back some of the confidence you lost by taking back control of your finances. Refinance your home; this can lower its equity, freeing up money or allowing you to lower your mortgage payments. Eliminate existing debts with the snowball method. Record your receipts in a ledger to see where you can cut back. Take steps to save money.

It can be hard to gain personal confidence, but having it can propel you forward on your way to success. Taking care of your physical, mental and financial health can help you develop your self-esteem.

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