Lessons Learned in Business: My R+F Journey

Lessons Learned in Business: My R+F Journey

How often do you reflect on what works in life (and on what doesn’t)? Long Post Alert. Be warned. Consider this a peak into my professional diary.

Reliving what has changed in me over 5+ years and how…
Here’s my timeline…

*I said “Yes, I give myself ‘6 months to fail.'”
*Lessons I learned very quickly (and painfully):
— How much power I gave others’ opinions over my life, success, and happiness (or lack thereof).
— I was painfully shy, judgmental of sales people, and thought women to be unsupported, hurtful, unfriendly, and unkind. I never properly washed my face.
*I signed on my first 2 R+F customers poolside at a resort in MX – 2 kind strangers who simply wanted to share in my joy and support my new business (that I didn’t even yet know how to work) – Forever indebted to you Tamara Lynn and Anthony for running to be “my first customer” a week into business. You drove my excitement and helped my belief in the opportunity I’d signed up for. We may never know our impact or the power in one moment in time.

*I applied to business what worked in my psychology career, ie principles of teaching, PowerPoint presentations, time management strengths, talking, & listening to people’s wants/needs/pain points.
*If I scheduled it, planned it, talked about it, or started it, I saw it through even if everyone who said they would do it with me bailed. I kept my word to myself over and over again.
*When I hit hurdles, I got creative and pivoted…still moving toward the goal to get to the other side. If I gave up every time something got hard or when I didn’t see immediate results I would never be where I am in life or in my career in Psychology, so why would I do that in a business I started for myself? My business is no different, whether I’m representing skincare, books or fishhooks.
*I dared myself to do it hard! I did what others didn’t seem to be doing. Doing things uniquely is how you stand out. In Psychology, doing things the different/hard way has been in developing skill in working with patients who contemplate suicide. It’s in a willingness to sit in the dark with them as I help them find their way back into the light of life. In my Rodan + Fields Skincare business, this has been in recruiting men. I have repeatedly shown that skincare isn’t just for ladies. In fact, men are often my best customers. They tend to see results fastest when consistent with the products and they’re the first to send me the “holy cow” texts celebrating their results! That is fun!
*I learn over and over again, R+F isn’t a distraction from my life as a psychologist. R+F over and over again makes me a BETTER psychologist, friend, partner, and overall human as I am more intentional in considering whether what I do, say, or recommend is for me or for others. TINY – Their Interest Not Yours is my R+F mantra. If you trust me with your skin, I have done something right.
*I went to lots of events with girls in the biz (many I didn’t wait to go to but am so glad I did)! I learned many girls are fun, sweet, generous, supportive, lovable, loving, gracious, vulnerable, have their own insecurities, and cheered me on despite them! They may not all last, but they all leave lasting lessons.
*I have learned often when people are quiet they may not be judging but simply watching and feeling inspired.
*I went live on FB (over and over again…after I swore I wouldn’t). I did so simply because person after person told me I inspired them when I did. I never would have known they were watching.
*I traveled! I met amazing people when I did! Stephanie L Ward, Taneda Wilson Jacquie Smith Weide Miguel Angel Lopez Holli North Deja Michelle Trish Batson Gina Marie)… just a few favorites that come to mind who are forever blessings in my life! I continue to be touched by the beauty, power, and magic in strangers!
*In 2017, I ran primarily for goals to uplift my business leader and partner. I did many of the things I did to help her hit goals… I wasn’t doing it yet for me. Codependent? Yes. Effective? Yes! What I love about my business is you rise up as you inspire/help others to rise up. I don’t hate that 😛 In my Psychology world, time and time again I see clients do scary things to satisfy me before they do these for themselves. Eventually, they develop habits and do the things for themselves, no longer for me. Same in business. What I initially did to lift my partner up later became how I uplifted myself!
WHEW, that was a crazy year!

*I welcomed many new business partners while still building my customer base.
*I stumbled A LOT in learning how to be a leader of my own team. And I mean A LOT! My heart was always in the right place, but a lot of hard lessons in learning how to inspire and motivate others without trying too hard or coming on too strong…I mean, for real, I can be ‘a lot.’ A lot of goodness but a lot 😛
*I traveled more! 6 times that year I think – all with paychecks I was making in my business.
*I connected with more strangers, especially while traveling
*I invested more time into others and training.
*I created CoffeeHouse PowerHours and we built up our team’s community.
*I experienced ups and downs based on how my team was doing. I often questioned my abilities as a leader during the downs, while celebrating others’ grit and perseverance in the ups. Interesting observation.
*I did more live videos…still scared.
*I built an incredible and engaged online community of YOUs who have made my social media a playground of sport and inspiration for me and many others!

*I refined my online presence and resources so everything connects to my brand of inspiring confidence and connection, investing in ourselves and those around us while dreaming bigger
*I ran for goals for me, no longer for others. Not always as successful but way happier!

*As soon as quarantine hit, I upgraded ZOOM accounts I already used for R+F and created online events as a place for connection and community during the height of COVID.
*Business went up during quarantine shattering myths that people wouldn’t have time or money to invest in skincare or business.
*I led online games, book workshops, book study, Meetup events, InterNations events to foster connection while physically distancing.

*I hosted more events centered around fun and connection
*I welcomed several new Team Empower members who were close friends. This added element brought more joy of doing business with people I already loved doing life with.
*Business feel simpler, more straight-forward, more natural, and frankly more fun.
*The recipe remains simple. “Wash my face. Talk about it. Connect with more people I naturally align with and enjoy life with them.” Rinse and Repeat.

*Attend more events centered around fun…tours, classes, excursions. Enjoy simply being a guest and student.
*Continue to grow and step into new experiences. Continue to do things scared, and live without regret.

The times when I welcome the most customers and partners are times when I feel joyful and times when I lead with my business. Mindset, location, and connection are everything. These are also times when I don’t let fear of others’ judgment suspend my activity.

“Hi! I’m Elicia, and I’m a consultant for Rodan and Fields Skincare!”

I GET TO be successful in my business by washing my face and proudly talking about it!

My passion in life is in seeing people passionate about whatever they’re doing whether at karaoke, a piano bar, leading a food tour, dancing, leading teams, leading motivational seminars, or showing up confidently and joyfully in their skin and lashes! I want to the person you reach out to when you’re running low on cleanser, moisturizer, or sunscreen…when you’re ready for that next lash fill and thinking, “I bet she’d have something for me that will get me more noticeable results and she’ll be honest with me if she doesn’t.” When I need a chuckle or to feel a burst of joy, I know I can pop onto her page. These are the things that make me happy!

Your turn. What has your work taught you about life? What is your passion today? I want to cheer you on!

And if you’re in a place of wanting change and feel like a challenge of your own, join me in business and show me how you’d do it! There is no right way. There is your way. Just show up.


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