In my real world...

I’m a Psychologist, Author, and Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant/Business Owner, and love anything involving personal and professional development. I was licensed as a psychologist in 2009, board-certified in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology in 2014, and started my skincare business in late 2016. Full-time, I serve the mental health needs of veterans; I advocate for those who may feel silenced. I lecture annually on behavioral medicine and professionalism. I serve in leadership positions in my field and in contribute to standard-setting in my professional communities. In my free time, I love volunteering and hosting events (in person and virtually) in creating space for others to connect intentionally and meaningfully with others.

Skincare happened largely by accident. What started as a want to support another woman in business has changed my life personally and those of many people I care about. Rodan + Fields Skincare provides products that change the health of your skin. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage/discoloration, acne, and sensitive skin issues. Our products include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, and fabulously fun items for enhancing the appearance of luscious lashes and brows. More than that, our products boost confidence in one’s skin. In my 40’s I wear less makeup today than I ever did before, yet I feel more confident in my skin than ever before. Not only that, but I get to offer a business opportunity that allows others to develop the leadership and business development skills that I have while diversifying income channels considering long-term goals, time, and financial freedom. Rodan + Fields Skincare in the global anti-aging arena is truly personal development with a paycheck. Truth is, R+F has taught me more about life and being a better human than anything before it.

I am most proud of representing a brand that allows me to empower others. My psychology and skincare worlds help me help others feel better in their skin from inside and out. As the author of the book, Don’t Be A Stranger, I stand for treating our fellow humans with kindness, grace, and curiosity. I encourage initiating connections and detaching from any expectation of return. Do good simply to do good. Make memorable with strangers and be open to what might come for either or both of you. Be kind for the sake of being kind. You never know when the next stranger might just change your life, or you theirs. Please enjoy my website ( for more about my products, free personal and professional development resources, and teasers from my book! Please see my website as an integrated landing page for sharing resources I hope will help you and your loved ones, clients, friends, business partners, and others as a token of appreciation for your support. My book, Don’t Be A Stranger, was in fact inspired by lessons in relationship-building reinforced as a business owner and team leader as I stress the importance of living by, “their interests, not mine.” I hope you’ll join me in creating a kinder world, one memorable moment at a time.

But why skincare?

Ever wonder if there’s more to life? I didn’t…

Do you have an open mind, or are you quick to say no to unfamiliar or uncomfortable things? I thought I had an open mind…until I abruptly said “NO” when asked to become a Rodan+Fields consultant when ordering products in December 2016. I just wanted to try anti-aging creams and grow magical lashes…that was all…

My Rodan + Fields business did NOT start with a passion for skincare or quite frankly any knowledge of it. I was (and still am) very busy. I was lucky if I washed my face regularly (gross, I know). I had no background or interest in sales or skincare. I cringed at the word “sales” in fact. I had a full life…what I didn’t know then that something was missing…I just took a leap of faith because I refuse to live scared, know my own integrity when I commit to something, and wanted a discount.

That December in 2016, I quickly realized fear in my “no”…fear of not being good enough, fear of being uncomfortable, fear of being judged, fear of what I didn’t know…fear of failure. So, I challenged my “no.” I gave myself “6 months to fail,” and that was over 3 years ago…I’ve learned that if I “plan for failure” I’ll anticipate roadblocks and plan to overcome them. I’ll hold myself accountable for what I’m doing that’s helping or hindering success. I know growth happens on the other side of fear! I’ve come to believe enough in myself to know I’ll figure out the parts I don’t know…

Since that time, Rodan + Fields products have changed my skin…and this business has changed my life and confidence!


Not many things in life start with lashes...

My business allows me to continue to do Psychology differently, to serve and empower others on a now global platform. My first 2 orders rolled in while lying at the resort pool in the Caribbean. My trip became a partial tax write-off, I had extra motivation to talk to strangers, and quite literally my skin and my life changed! Passive income and not feeling attached to the billable hour or therapy seat have been uniquely freeing. I’m proud to help people feel confident now from the inside AND the out, focusing both on products that improve skin and confidence in presentation while effecting positive change in intrinsic confidence and self-worth.

Think skincare's not for you?

So did these amazing people who I am proud to now call team members. It wasn’t about trusting the products, skincare, or sales. It was about trusting me, and I am forever grateful they joined our Rodan + Fields Team Empower family!  This is only a handful of folks on our team. They don’t look, talk, or act alike. They don’t fit a mold. They don’t look a part. They’re not all extroverted or passionate about sales. In fact most of us still detest that word. It’s not about sales, it’s about sharing what we’re passionate about and relationships. They don’t have ample free time, and many don’t even care about the money but the community, leadership skills, and confidence that came with becoming a business owner.

Each team member listed below was willing to take a chance on themselves. ARE YOU?

Message me to see how R+F can help you dream bigger! Perhaps you want a greater community? Personal development? Time freedom? Something to call your own? This business for anyone with grit, a drive for excellence, and a heart for people…for those willing to invest in themselves and others.  Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, busy, stay-at-home, have disabilities or constraints that keep you at home…whatever your situation, I would love to see this business change lives and remind you of your power!

Care to join me or share a story and photo of your R+F journey or wish to join our Team Empower family?
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