With gratitude for charitable hearts...

What motivates me in my R+F business world are traveling and charity interests. Approximately 15% of proceeds from product sales are used to support charities. Please see some Friends of Charity below who’ve partnered with me in honoring self-care and charity in our communities.  Ask me how you can participate, or read on!

Want to be a part of the positive change you want to see in the world?
By supporting me you're already a Friend of Charity!
There are 3 primary ways I honor Friends of charity on this platform:

You simply trust me in caring for your skin. 

You order your skincare/face wash products and gifts from me. I regularly donate a portion of R+F proceeds to charity.

You cover the cost of an R+F skincare self-care basket for donation to charity fundraising or in recognition of honored clients.

Items can be mailed to you directly, to a charity of your interest, or I’ll donate locally on your behalf. 

You purchase ad space for $100.

You will be added as a Friend of Charity below, I will donate on your behalf, and you are welcomed to submit a blog post.

Blog submissions must align with the messages I promote: positivity, uplifting, warmth, connection, confidence-building, charity, and community. Blog posts must offer content of value/education without appealing to consumers’ fears. Please e-mail me at elician@gmail.com to discuss your contribution!

I am proud to recognize the following friends and charitable sponsors. You’ve helped broaden my reach for serving and empowering others! To those who have supported my business or partnered with me, I am especially grateful for your emotional and moral spirit, commitment to leadership, trust in our skincare, time, and friendship! To R+F Team Empower, I love watching you support your friends, family, and those who entrust you! Keep dreaming bigger!

Friends of Charity

Each person listed below has helped to raise funds for a multitude of charities and organizations, including American Liver Foundation; patients undergoing chemotherapy and medically invasive treatments; Ancient Secrets Foundation; and many others.  Thanks to the generosity of those who support my business and charity donors, I also contribute on a regular basis to Mission 10:10 in support of orphaned children in Ethiopia, children served by Feed My Starving Children, and the Prescription for Change program through Rodan + Fields.

Steve Chadwick


Steve Chadwick is the photographer who conducted my first photo shoot as a new lifestyle model with The Young Agency, April 2022! He is playful, professional, and so encouraging. I'd recommend him without hesitation!

P. Tran

Videographer - Photographer - Digital Media

Tran is a young gentleman and student who was doing incredible work for my dear friend and business partner. Tran’s primary specialty is in videography, and he’d been working with my colleague on creating educational videos for her practice. Tran is so attentive to detail, so reliable, so kind, and genuinely a pleasure to work with. His creativity, spirit, and quickness to learn along the way have been a joy to watch. Tran is open to learning anything and everything digitally, especially if art-related. I recommend him without hesitation to anyone interested in help on any project involving creativity! Tran offers services in videography, photography, and digital media content for marketing or event recaps such as weddings and graduation.



Project Manager at Adsrole

Dimple is the Project Manager from AdsRole who managed upgrades to my website. She helped modify the beautiful logo you see at the top left of the screen. Dimple is a most professional & patient collaborator, and I’m grateful to have worked with her. AdsRole was great to work with for website services.

Brooke Hosman-Fremouw

Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Adoptive Mom to 11 Children

Adoptive families have unique needs that traditional parenting methods don't speak to. If you're an adoptive parent and need to exchange the chaos in your heart and hone for peace, Brooke can help. She is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and an adoptive mom to 11 children of all ages and backgrounds. Reach out to Brooke for a free strategy call to help get you started. It'll be one of the most impactful calls you make. I can say without hesitation she is one of the most gracious, loving people I've met in my life.

Kristi Snyder

Life Coach / Veterinarian

Let’s get one thing straight. You are already beautiful, amazing and totally capable — Kristi's just here to remind you, not to change you. (The transformation is all you!) Kristi helps you strip away the layers holding you back from stepping into your most magnificent, radiant self and living the life you were meant to live. Kristi offers practical personal growth and spiritual teachings to provide you with the tools you need to recalibrate your thoughts and energy on a moment to moment basis so you can clear the blocks that are preventing you from stepping into your highest self. Not only that, she is one of the kindest, most patient people I know.

Nate Mundt

Acadia Healthcare

Nathan of Acadia Healthcare is a Treatment Placement Specialist and resource for all providers in Phoenix & Northern Arizona. Nathan helps connect adults and adolescents seeking support for mood disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, eating disorders, and addictions with outpatient and inpatient placement options. If you have a loved one who is struggling, please contact Nate at the phone or e-mail above!

Linda Rouseau

Mind Surgeon™

Linda knows what it is like to feel insignificant, experience many hardships and be labeled as not likely or capable of overcoming the obstacles of poverty, health issues, single parenting and being marginalized to name a few. She is passionate to awaken the dreams inside of others again, remove hindering beliefs from their roots and transplant new beliefs that spiral up to their greater self. Allow it to be a wonderful day!

Brent Adkisson

Superstition Springs Lexus

I have worked with Brent, the General Manager of Superstition Springs Lexus, for nearly 10 years and have always known him to be reliable, caring, honest, and generous. While SS Lexus services anyone who walks through the door, Brent's dealership has been uniquely recognized for the way they honor and educate women in particular on the car-buying process, and my experience has been no different. I am humbled to have his support in car buying and in life, in general. I appreciate his charity and support to our community and look forward to continued collaboration! In fact, Brent is so generous he has even offered to reimburse the $20 Preferred Customer account set up fee for any referrals who order Rodan + Fields products from me (www.4anewyou.myrandf.com) if referred through a visit at his dealership. Preferred Customers get 10% off and FREE shipping on any orders over $80.

Seth & Jose

Sun Devil Auto, Scottsdale

Sun Devil Auto in North Scottsdale is another company I've supported for years. Whether looking for an oil change or auto repair, I have always found them to be patient, honest, conservative, and gracious. They deliver an exceptional customer service experience; they are kind, patient, and guarantee their work in writing. They handle nearly all maintenance or repair needs. I am so grateful to Seth and Jose for thinking outside of the box and allowing me to represent skincare in their waiting room. Who would have thought, healthy skin, and car repairs in one place? Thank you for supporting our community!


District Manager, Starbucks

Mike is an unforgettable character!  Flair and pizazz are understatements in describing this guy! He is so kind, so fun, and totally committed to presenting an experience of customer excellence. As soon as he found out I and my team collaborate with business owners to donate self-care baskets to raise monies for charities and recognize valued team members he volunteered to be among our contributors! Looking forward to many years of collaboration! And who doesn't love coffee? I think that testimony can speak for itself!


Ernie's Karaoke & Sports Bar

If you ever just need a break from reality or a reminder of how warm and friendly strangers can be, pop in and say hi to bartender Alyn in the karaoke room! Everyone here is a hoot, and Alyn's got that special touch to make you feel special, cared about, and remembered. Always a good time, fun crowd, great music and giggles 😛  Singing's definitely a great expression of self-care!  Thanks to Alyn for always being a great supporter!

Dr. Jane Hendricks

Naturopathic Physician - Old Town Scottsdale

Dr. Jane Hendricks has been in practice for 16 years specializing in digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, anxiety, and depression. She also provides stem cell injections and infusions for many conditions related to pain and neurological conditions.

Want to offer support in person while meeting great people?

Join my team for our Feed My Starving Children group volunteer sessions! Come alone, with your business partner, your love, or workgroup as a team-building event! Nothing like being with a group of people at their bests, doing good! You never know who you’ll meet!

A favorite charity that I regularly support through sponsorship with R+F my business partners is Mission 10:10 in Ethiopia. I welcome you to look them up and consider sponsorship as well! It is truly life-changing for those kiddos.

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