Don’t Be A Stranger: How To Meet People & Make Better First Impressions

At a time when there’s so much disconnection, let’s talk skills for connecting more positively & memorably in virtual and in-person worlds!

About this Event

Hi friends! I’m Elicia, author of Don’t Be a Stranger: Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life. I created this workshop to dive deeper into the material on connecting more memorably with others. I look forward to bringing the concepts to life thru your questions and discussion. You don’t have to have read the book to benefit, but I recommend it! I’m even discounting the cost of attending by $15 for those who order the book in advance. I want this to be a self-help book you read AND apply!

This workshop is part 1 of a 3-part series on how to personalize strategies for deeper connection. We’ll focus on the “why’s” of our fears and a few “how-to’s” based on principles from the text. It’s the section that introverts may most appreciate! Please come prepared to share a favorite memory of a time when you connected with a stranger and how as well as what gets in your way at times. In Part I, we’ll cover “why’s” & “what if’s” of meeting strangers, First Impressions, Facial Expressions and Features that Enhance impression-management, strategies for being more memorable in positive ways, strategies for using strengths/positives to compensate for weaknesses, and we’ll learn a mantra for overcoming your fears through basic application of a psychological concept of systematic desensitization.

We connect with strangers anytime we pursue dating/relationships, job interviewing, work changes, promotions, networking, events, traveling, coffee shops, or simply in contributing to a kinder world one memorable moment at a time. Let’s make it more fun and easy to talk to strangers.

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