Workshop on Turning Positive First Impressions into Lasting Connections: Don’t Be A Stranger

Hi friends! I’m Elicia, author of Don’t Be a Stranger: Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life. I created a 3-part workshop to dive deeper into tips from my book on intentionally creating opportunities to connect more memorably and positively with others. Invite someone you’d like to know better, and together let’s bring the concepts to life thru your examples, questions, and discussion. You don’t have to have read the book or attended previous workshops to benefit, but I recommend it! I want this to be a self-help book you read AND apply!

Part 1 of the workshop covered mostly nonverbal cues that can often be seen across a room, inviting conversation and emanating warmth. Part 2 covered skills for understanding and overcoming fears/barriers to more proactively engaging others. Part 3 focuses more on how to turn positive first impressions into more lasting connections & relationships, personal and professional!

Please come prepared to share memories of times when you connected with strangers; we’ll share what helped and what hindered opportunities for deeper connection as we inspire one another to commit to meaningful changes.

Remember from Part 2, “Do It Scared, Do It Ugly, Do It Often.” Nervous? Detach from the outcome, and “Do It Anyways!”

We connect with others anytime we pursue dating/relationships, job/school interviews/changes, promotions, networking, events, traveling, coffee shops, or simply stops at the gas station. Join me in moving from the, “what’s in it for me” mentality to contributing to a kinder world one memorable moment at a time as we make it more fun and easy to talk to strangers.

Your perspectives and contributions to the dialogue are priceless!

Please find the book through your preferred bookseller or on Amazon for $9.99:

The ZOOM link for these free presentation/discussion will be made available to those who RSVP thru this event page: If you’ve attended a previous event of mine, e-mail me for the Promo Code to waive the cost of registration ( I do ask that attendees order my book in advance of the event. You do not have to have read it in advance, but please have it to reference.

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