What if the next stranger you met were to change your life...

would you feel differently about strangers?​

Ever wonder where you’ll meet your next friend? Your lover? Your partner for life? Are you a student, doctor, or professional wanting to be better at relating to your patients or clients? How about getting better at interviewing for a job, getting along with coworkers, or simply having more fun in life?

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my book, Don’t Be a Stranger: Creating Connections & Memorable First Impressions in Everyday Life, released Nov. 7, 2019. With tips on connecting and creating memories with others, Don’t Be A Stranger breaks down simple strategies for being more intentional in creating memorable moments whether for personal, professional, romantic, or passing encounters. The skills laid out in this book are so straight forward they’re easy to take for granted yet powerful in creating lasting impressions. Whether you’re at the coffee shop, a concert, a store, the airport, or out of town, Don’t Be A Stranger reminds you of your influence!

Speaking of connection…If interested in a place where you might connect with other kind, positively-oriented people, I host Nuggets of Wisdom Quote Share second Wednesday of each month 4:45-6:00pm (Az time). All are welcome to join us, share a quote or words of wisdom, and connect. Contact me at elician@gmail.com to be added to the event email group or RSVP on my Facebook event calendar here. Every month the time and gifts shared there are precious.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

– Jennifer Dukes Lee

Available for only $9.99 on Amazon in Paperback and EBook formats; or by request at your local bookstore!

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This book is super engaging and packed with content. I love that the author balances practical examples in applying the suggested tools/principals, anecdotes from other wise sources, and wit. I also love that the book is broken into small chapters that are easy to read and apply. I honestly do not “enjoy” social situations with strangers but due to my work, need to do them despite my dislike. I have found that this book shifts both my discomforts and expectations into a more open mindset. That alone is a big help! I also find that my outcomes from the encounters have added to more contacts in my phone and more intentional encounters that brighten my day! Heck, I even make small talk with the cashier at the market now! Honestly, this author inspires me to give more of what I want to receive from others in life. It helps me to just be friendlier and I have gotten more friendliness returned because of it.

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...I learned some good tips o how to create positive first impressions and was able to see how some of the things I've been doing can be modified a bit. When putting her methods into practice I felt happier and was able to see the difference I've made in small interactions with others as well. When I was at the nail salon I spoke with a woman and she shared that she had never had her nails done before (she was in her 60's). I got to share in her joy over something so simple that many people have done dozens or hundreds of times, and I wouldn't have gotten to do so if I didn't speak with her. I was inspired to strike up a conversation because I had the book in my lap...

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Jan Katzen

... I have already enriched my day to day interpersonal relationships starting with my Zumba instructor to thoroughly enjoying an art gallery grand opening where I knew few people. Suddenly, I became a magnet of conversation with strangers and left the event feeling an abundance of joy and connection. I do live alone and can feel loneliness at times. Dr. Nademin's suggestions on how to make impressions and relationships deeper and more meaningful - even those with strangers is truly helping me feel less isolated and part of the human community embedded in every tier of my day. Up until now, I have taken this for granted - just racing through my day not smelling the roses. In this case - unknowingly missing out on the essence of a heartful connection however brief (the author describes these moments as the welcome mat to my soul!). Facing my fears (I'm a bit shy), smiling, bringing the light, changing me and how I am perceived is not just a selfish act - it can possibly and probably ease another's broken heart, depression, anxiety, aloneness, ineptness, and all of those vulnerabilities we all share - and perhaps even save a life.

Posted by Elicia Nademin, Skincare & Personal Development on Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sincerest thanks to Eric Keeler for capturing priceless memories from my initial book launch and first author signing on December 21, 2019.
Grateful to Maverick Coffee in Scottsdale, Az for helping me create this magical experience.

Bantering with strangers is one of my favorite things in the world, yet it scares so many people! Interacting with strangers offers an opportunity to see yourself. You attract what, who, and how you are. Strangers pose an opportunity to change some aspect of your life, whether a moment and memory in time or lifelong friendship, romance, or business venture.

My beloved late father had a zany wish that I publish a book one day, so here we are! I feel honored not only to be fulfilling my father’s wish but also to be sharing with others a passion and skill for making memorable connections with people every day in this book. I hope by practicing the skills laid out in this book you cultivate ways to bring out the best in others and make the most of every moment.

A huge debt of gratitude to N. Scottsdale Barnes & Noble for welcoming me to do my first official bookstore launch on Jan. 11, 2020! What an incredible community!

You never know how that next stranger might change the course of your life, or you theirs.
Together, let’s make the world a kinder place…one memorable moment at a time!

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